Xinhua Rural Commercial Bank: “Green channel” fax special matters urgent to warm people’s hearts

2022-05-28 0 By

Rednet moment Loudi On February 18 (correspondent Kang Ya Deng Qian) recently, customer Mr. Liao sent a letter of thanks to Xinhua Rural Commercial Bank to express heartfelt thanks for the humanized service of the Bank’s Tianping sub-branch.It is understood that When Liao went to the Tianping branch for business, the branch was closed, but he urgently needed to pay the money to 27 farmers, and the bank is far from his village, and it takes an hour and a half to return.After understanding the situation, the director of internal affairs Luo Chao, the teller Xie Dan did not refuse or complain, holding the principle of “special” to open the “green channel”, working overtime for Mr. Liao business.This business process is complicated and requires a large amount of settlement. It takes 2 hours to successfully pay to the account of migrant workers.It is understood that the bank adheres to the service concept of “customer supreme, sincere to the letter”, with full service enthusiasm, professional business level, heart service to customers, service “agriculture, rural areas”, and strive to create a trustworthy bank of conscience, rest assured bank, intimate bank.