Color Hall Jon: Thinking of the Poor (15) : Dialogue between the King of The Underworld and the poor, classic

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Wang Lao Liu was a poor ghost, unable to find a wife, so he lived half hungry.This year, there was a severe drought in my hometown, and no grass grew in the land.Seeing more and more people fleeing the famine, Wang Lao Liu took all his possessions, including a bag of sweet potatoes, and joined the group.On the way, sixth met a hungry father and daughter, who were also carrying a heavy bag on his back.Seeing Lao Liu carrying so many sweet potatoes, the man asked Lao Liu for one to eat, but Lao Liu refused.So the man said, Will you sell it to me?And I married my daughter to you.Then he emptied the bag of silver on his back onto the ground.He turned out to be the landowner in the village.Old Six’s eyes widened, for he had never dreamed of seeing so much silver in his poor life.The landlord’s daughter was very beautiful, though her face was covered with dust.Lao Liu immediately sold all the sweet potatoes, took the landlord’s daughter and carried a big bag of silver on his back.The landlord’s daughter advised him not to sell all the sweet potatoes, but Lao Liu was full of joy and refused to listen.Afraid that the landlord would renege, he took the landlord’s daughter and hurried on.A few days later, Sixth couldn’t walk any further because he couldn’t buy anything to eat on the way.The landowner who bought his sweet potatoes soon caught up with him.Old six looked at the sweet potato on the man’s back and began to regret. He went up to buy the sweet potato, but the man refused to sell it anyway.The sixth fell down in despair, took his silver in his arms, and died of hunger…When Lao Six died, he saw the king of hell.The king of yama said: originally want to give you a chance to make a fortune, did not think of to want your life however.Really people die for money, birds die for food!The sixth said: I am afraid of being poor all my life. I don’t want to be poor any more.Yan King say: actually you also life shouldn’t poor, that sweet potato wants to sell half only, also don’t call poor, but who call you because greedy money all sold?He got rich and died!All right, the previous life is done, quickly to reincarnate it.In the next life, you have two directions, one direction is ten thousand people to support you, the other direction is you a person to support ten thousand people, which road do you want to take?Old liu Yi listen to, without thinking on the answer: must be ten thousand people support me a person!Then, thousands of thanks and happy to go.Thirty years later, Lao Liu came back to Yan and said that Yan had cheated him.Yan King laugh way: how say I cheat you?The sixth said: listen to your words, I have been a beggar all my life.Yan King say: that is right!Ten thousand people supporting one person means beggars!You just want to enjoy yourself without making any effort. That’s no good!You can’t blame me, only your own greed!Old liu Yi listen to, then say to yan: Yan Master, MY next I, beg you must let me lead point good day!The king of the yama says: this is easy to say, there are two good jobs now: one is to guard a golden hill, the other is to guard a piece of land, which one do you choose?Old Six thought it over carefully and decided that it would be better to guard jinshan.Yama looked at the back of old six far away and said: this life is a poor life!The ghosts asked why?The king of the yama said, “The duty of guarding a piece of land is actually serving as a high official in a place.And the job of guarding a mountain of gold was actually guarding a barn as a mouse!Life is what you make of it.The same road, someone walking, someone running, someone driving……Different ways, different results.The same fate, some struggle with a smile, some cry, some silently bear……Different attitudes lead to different results.No one can dictate your life pattern, it is your choice.People, different personality, different choices different choices, fate will follow different money spent, only the value of saving, is the digital life intention, is the life without, is alive