Chen Xing: My father

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Chen Xing: In my father’s life, I feel his deep nostalgia in his bones.Remember after his mother died, he refused to live in the city, a person stubbornly living in the country house.At that time, this made us sons and daughters feel worried.Although my father was in good health, he was old, and living alone in the country was always a worry.Fortunately, the distance was close and we all went back to see my father as often as time allowed.Once, in the street met a city in the country neighbor.As soon as I met my neighbor, he scolded me and said, “Your father went to the vegetable field again. He is so old that you can’t let him plant vegetables in the vegetable field any more. Many old houses in the village have been torn down and the road is full of bricks and rubble.”Thank you for reminding me,” I said. “I’ll be right back. Whatever it takes to get my dad to live in the city.”Then he drove back to his hometown.On the way, I thought, already eighty-five, not a child, always why can’t listen to a word of advice.When I arrived home, I saw several bags of vegetables on the kitchen floor.You can tell they’re fresh from the vegetable patch, even the soil on the root system hasn’t been treated.When my father saw me coming back, he was stunned at first and then said happily, “You have come back just right. I have just come back from the vegetable field. These vegetables are fresh and I can’t finish them.Ignoring my father’s enthusiasm, I seriously began to blame my father and said, “HOW many times have I told you, don’t go to the vegetable field, don’t go to the vegetable field, why don’t you listen to me? The vegetable field is just outside the village, but the road is so difficult and there are fragments of bricks and tiles everywhere. What if I accidentally trip over it?You have no vegetables to eat, I buy back for you good?”Look, I’m MCE father quickly faded, like a child do the wrong thing, low head, murmured: “I am go to vegetable patch, today is Saturday, just a lot of old elder brothers are good about going to the vegetable today, these days has been rain, I hadn’t seen each other for a long time, I just want to go and meet you guys.”Hearing this, I seem to understand my father’s heart.Father is a person at home too lonely.The purpose of going to the vegetable garden is to disperse the loneliness in my heart, meet old friends, catch up with them and relax.No wonder his vegetable patch comes up in three sentences every day.The vegetable patch was his delight.Think of my brother and sister, every time we go home together, the door to see three dishes.Now I realized that it was not a dish, but a father’s most primitive and pure love for his children.Think of this, a inexplicable warm current welled up in my mind, let me break.The blame vanished as I helped my father settle down on the living room sofa.I snuggled up to my father, just as I had when I was a child, and listened to the stories he told me.Father said, they several old friends have an agreement, as long as the weather is good, every Saturday, they will go to the vegetable field, vegetable planting is secondary, they sit in the small shed built by themselves to chat and catch up is the most important.People in the countryside have been together for decades, they always get together every three or four times, and every time they get together there are always endless topics to talk about. If someone does not keep the appointment, they will miss.At this age, you never know what comes first, tomorrow or the accident.Father said, just a brother did not go, brother several are a little worried.Hearing this, I quickly took out my cell phone and asked my father to call him.The phone, the head not without gratitude to say: is sick, in Shanghai treatment, thank you elder brother miss, I also want you.My father let out a long sigh of relief, and they took care of each other before reluctantly ending the conversation.Dad sighed and said, “It may be a long time before we see each other again.”A melancholy overflowed.Time passed quickly and it was Saturday again.I put everything back home early to accompany my father, accompany my father to the vegetable field, I really want to see a few elders, to say hello to them.Before I reached the garden, I saw green in the distance.All kinds of vegetables grow very good, green, worthy of the labor results of a few old people, it is extraordinary.Looking at this vegetable garden, I felt a kind of wordless closeness in my heart, which was also my memory…Garlic soon moss, looks like a kind of awe-inspiring, I was a row to appreciate, father has changed in the shed to work clothes and shoes out, began to skillfully pinched seaweed, coriander digging.His face was full of pride.When you touch each vegetable, you should say, “Well, this one is good. It keeps up with the nutrition. This one is not so small….While talking, several other seniors also arrived, long time no see, they sincerely asked each other’s concern.After work, several people sat on the stone, drinking their own tea, happily communicating their own information, talking about the past, talking about the future, it can be seen that they chat happily, laughing heartily.At the moment, I carefully looked at my father, and finally understand his feelings.What my father did was not dishes, but memories of my childhood, old friends and my deep attachment to my past life.Now the old houses in the village have been torn down, the vegetable field is gone, and my father has no choice but to live in the city.Whenever I saw my father staring out of the window, I knew he was thinking of the country again.At such times, I would drive my father back to his hometown, to see the land he had loved all his life, to satisfy his rustic nostalgia.Editing: Gao Huafen;Final review: Zhang Xingfang