True friends, not money relationship, more is not wine and meat relationship

2022-05-27 0 By

As the saying goes: A hedge between keeps friendship green.This sentence, many people have heard, but really can do people, but few.Especially between friends, it is difficult to do this, if there is no interest relationship, if there is no use of the value, friends will gradually fade, will gradually alienated, and even betrayal.Life is so cruel, the society is so realistic, and the communication between people, as well as material interests, plays a crucial role.Therefore, we do not say grandiose, society is realistic, life is inseparable from material support, there is no economic basis, people and people’s exchanges, is bound to be fragile.But in the real society, there are some people who value love and righteousness, and regard the friendship between friends as very important, and as life.Just like the revolutionary friendship between Marx and Engels, comrade-in-arms friendship, is the example we learn, is the direction of our efforts.A true friend, a true friendship, is an intimate relationship based on pure feelings, not money, not fair-weather friends.Life belongs to the strong, everyone should be a strong, should be in the wind and waves of life, through exercise, thrive.We admit this reality, is not equal to fear, is not equal to retreat, as long as we can adjust their own state of mind, can objectively look at themselves, can objectively look at the society, our life, still can be happy;Our life can still be colorful.