She claims to be a plant hunter, piecing together small pure and fresh design with petals, let a person see very decompression

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It is easy for modern people to be anxious. In the final analysis, it is because they want too much. People have long gone through the era of food and clothing and warmth, but their pursuit of material and spiritual world is endless and can never be satisfied.If you’re feeling anxious, is it really worth it?From Seattle artist Bridget beth Collins, was very prone to anxiety, originally want to have more income, with better living conditions, when material needs satisfied, began to aspire to be an artist to be you see, is want to famous, had a certain reputation, and turned to look at the children of their own,How can they work……When the anxiety reached its limit, the artist woke up to the fact that nothing in the world could change because of your anxiety. Maybe you can change yourself, but you can’t change others, let alone the environment, so everything and things should be just let it be.Do your part, and god will take care of the rest.After relief, Bridget Beth Collins began to connect with nature, exploring wildflowers and mossy environments in search of creative inspiration.Plants gave her a lot of ideas, and the artist started collecting plants and piecing them together into interesting patterns.For several years, Bridget Beth Collins traveled from country to country to collect plants and flowers for her art, and the artist joked that she was a “plant hunter” who would go wherever plants attracted her.Bridget Beth Collins created her own garden, filled with plants, to make it easier for her to create.How did these flowers, leaves, seeds, mosses, etc. change in Bridget Beth Collins’ hands?She uses these plants as materials to collage special “paintings”, including trees, sailboats, kites and other landscapes, paintings by famous artists, as well as various magical combinations of flowers, birds, fish and insects. Each work is very small and fresh, which makes people who have seen them less anxious.Let’s take a look at artist Bridget Beth Collins’ images of decompression made from plants and find out if you’ve been cured.