Diesel density

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The density of diesel oil is: 0.810g/cm~0.855g/cm.1. Diesel is the fuel for compression combustion engines (diesel engines), and it is also one of the largest consumption of petroleum products.Compared with gasoline engine, diesel engine has higher thermal efficiency, higher power, lower fuel consumption and higher economy, so it has been widely used.2, diesel oil is mainly used for the power of tractors, large cars, diesel locomotive, civil engineering and agricultural machinery.Diesel is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons with about 10-22 carbon atoms.3, diesel density: 0.810g/cm3~0.855g/cm3;The density of gasoline is 0.70g/cm3-0.78g/cm3.They’re all chemistry majors.Petrol needs to be ignited, so the petrol engine is small and quiet (only 15% efficiency).4. Diesel does not need ignition and will spontaneously combcombate at high pressure, so it is very efficient (in fact, the highest utilization rate is only 30%), but it is very large and noisy.Petrol needs to be ignited, so the petrol engine is small and quiet (only 15% efficiency).Gasoline pungent, diesel is light.No color samples, light gasoline and dark diesel.No, gasoline is thinner than diesel, but diesel is thicker.There are different ignition methods in vehicles.Gasoline is ignited by spark plugs and diesel is compression ignition.Diesel oil has poor anti-knock properties.Compared with petrol, diesel is less powerful, more polluting and more smoky, but it costs less.