Shenzhen people don’t miss it!The intangible Cultural Heritage lights will become online celebrity punch points until February 20

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Just after yuanxiao festival season keypad did not recede as futian district in shenzhen for the celebration of the Spring Festival series of activities to gain a yuanxiao lantern show the intangible culture # futian district lotus street lantern show in folk intangible skills draw the outline of the New Year joy about belong to the families of the romantic story “” shenzhen park, February 14 – February 20 scene honey park is located in the futian district ganten north street,The park covers an area of about 2.67 hectares, with a greening rate of 71.4%.At the beginning of February 14, three groups of folk lanterns were displayed in Jingmi Park with three themes of “inspiring China, Yulan Egret and Deer prosperity”.The combination of traditional culture and modern park, one lamp, one flower, one plant and one tree, brings people back to the poem of “unity of nature and man”.Show romantic ethnic customs.Location: Jingmi Park, Jingtian North Street, Futian District (walk 492 meters to exit A2 of Meijing Subway Station) Note: Please wear masks and keep a distance of more than one meter from the audience. Do not climb the tent for family outing. Wait for the last sunset of the New Year at 4 p.m., Ms. Liu took her three children to the park early to set up a tent.Besides visiting the park, their most important task today is to wait for the light show which starts at 6 PM.”The first night we actually came to see it once, I think today is the Lantern Festival, also bring the children to catch up with the festival.””I want to take my children to watch the last sunset of the New Year holiday before school,” liu said with a smile.”I like the deer’s lamp best, because it looks like my brother,” the naughty brother shouted as he ran, and the brother continued to quarrel.The side of the sister also can not stay, help mother pressure tent cloth at the same time said to the camera: “today is really fun ah, I also like fawn lanterns!”Four people, three children and a mother, sat on the lawn waiting for the night to come, looking forward to passing through the lanterns to pray for their father who is working. In the most traditional way, they made a happy wish for this year’s Lantern Festival.The Chinese sense of ceremony: homemade flower lamp, play big lanterns “small steamed bun” excited to show us his homemade flower lamp, paper covering the air a little tiger, deserve to go up “fortunes” four word, exceptionally vigorous, he and his brothers with a “little light” shuttle between “big lanterns”, they were a night enough.Like xiao Long bao, who is about to enter primary school, many children went to the lantern show with their homemade lanterns on the evening of February 15, such as Little Orange and Si Si’s family, who also danced with their homemade lanterns.”The most impressive part of this lantern show is the inspiring Chinese scene at the gate. Several large drums and small figures are particularly vivid. The children are very excited and feel that they have found the right place to walk their children.””Said mama Orange happily.”We didn’t take the florets, but it was still romantic. We were happy to have a place like this for us to walk after work.””We are the same age, and we like to visit here. I heard that such a large-scale event will be held for several days in a row. I will post a message on my wechat moments to tell my friends to join us.”I have never seen such a beautiful lantern in my 21 years in Shenzhen. When I was a child, my parents did not allow girls to play alone. Now times are different, I am so happy now, and come to dance every day!”When I first met Aunt Guo, I found that she was traveling alone. When I asked why she didn’t go with her family for the Lantern Festival, Aunt Guo smiled and said,” They play with young people. I can finally go out alone and take a lot of photos!””What I want to say to young people is, don’t think so much,” said guo, a beaming, energetic 75-year-old. “Now is a good time to get involved and have more fun. Why should we come to Shenzhen?”Yuanxiao, is the folk custom, is the group garden is also the Chinese common brand under the memory of The Times of Shenzhen spring, is vigorous, is the sun or every family eternal love to this intangible cultural heritage light exhibition to hit the clock Shenzhen Network red park and we create and feel more Shenzhen story writing: Nandu reporter Zhang Xinyi correspondent: Yang Wenxuan