Qian Jingwen picked up Song Liqi with one hand, showing “boyfriend power”, 2 people are afraid to compete for the quota

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Recently, Qian Jingwen, the main attack of Shandong Women’s Volleyball team, updated a video, holding her good sister Song Liqi with one hand, showing her “boyfriend power”. Many fans commented: Sister Wen is a good man.Today, Song liqi reposted the video with the caption: “Who said women are not as good as men?”Have to say, the relationship between the two people are really very good, but as for the next season, between two people is very competitive, once Li Yanlong led, Qian Jingwen Li Yanlong heart love, basic is dominated the women’s volleyball team shandong starting main position, even many fans have more discontent, up to the first half of last season,Qian Jingwen is still the shandong women’s Volleyball team’s unassailable first attack, but in the second half of last season, Li Yanlong seems to also see qian Jingwen’s shortcomings, and finally removed her from the starting, everyone once said that Li Yanlong finally gave up Qian Jingwen, she should not start again.Indeed, in the strength of Qian Jingwen, she almost don’t have any advantage on the offensive end, in the last game, Qian Jingwen to shandong women’s volleyball team in the offense can help is too little, sometimes even or dragging exist, although Qian Jingwen has a certain ability to pass, but from the point of last season, Qian Jingwen receiving is not consistent, is not can not be replaced,Especially Che Wenhan, Du Qingqing have the ability to pass 6 rounds, which makes qian Jingwen’s role has been weakened, want to return to the starting position is basically unrealistic, but why the author will say Qian Jingwen and Song Liqi may have fierce competition next season?The reason is that both of them are now the main attackers of shandong women’s volleyball team’s marginalization. Qian Jingwen has just done the analysis, but what about Song Liqi?A few years ago, when the Song Liqi really got a good chance, even had at best a main list 1 before 5, but in recent years, Song Liqi in shandong province, the status of the women’s volleyball plummeting last season, even be seconded to the zhejiang women’s volleyball team, in the strength of Song Liqi, she and Qian Jingwen is very similar, all have good ability of receiving, can attack is not ideal, as a result,Song Liqi and Qian Jingwen, the two similar style of the main attack naturally has a competitive relationship, as for the reason of fierce competition is shandong women’s volleyball main attack has many good players.Che Wenhan, for example, is now participating in the Training camp of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball team. Her pass and attack are very good, and she is known as “little Hui Ruoqi”. If she can break into the Training team of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, she will naturally be trained.Another is du, mei-li song all have good strength, although du major, can play, can consider to du it six rounds of receiving ability, her main attack seemed more appropriate, mei-li song strengths is offensive, this also is shandong women’s volleyball team is the lack of ability, you know, a lot of fans have indicated thatShandong women’s Volleyball team lacks a terminator like Zhu Ting. If song Meili is given up, shandong women’s volleyball team will naturally have to attack at another level.Because of this, song Liqi and Qian Jingwen, the good sisters, may have a fierce competition for a place in the next season, but in my opinion, Qian Jingwen and Song Liqi for the current Shandong women’s Volleyball team, neither of the role is too big, can only be icing on the cake, can not do timely help.Qian Jingwen picked up Song Liqi with one hand, showing her “boyfriend power”, and the two of them are afraid to compete for the place to participate in the competition. I am xiao Lai Chat sports, focusing on sharing sports interesting news, welcome readers to comment, forward, participate in the competition discussion!