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As the new semester begins, there are 40 safety tips for students and their parents.Children are urged to develop good hygiene habits, pay attention to hygiene and gather less at ordinary times.2. During the epidemic, masks and hand sanitizers should be kept on hand, and masks should be worn on the way to and from school where there are many people.3. Students and parents should form the habit of checking their body temperature and other health conditions, and report to teachers and schools in time if there is any abnormal condition, and follow the arrangements of the school.4. Ensure a healthy diet every day, don’t stay up late, do proper exercise and improve your immunity.5. Parents should also pay attention to daily protection, because their children’s health is closely related to parents.6. Obey the traffic regulations, pay attention to the signal light instructions, do not chase slapstick, do not bow to play mobile phone across the road (alert to “open the door to kill”), do not suddenly cross the vehicle when approaching.7. Don’t rush on or off the bus.Don’t wave out of the window when riding, ride must grasp the handrail, to stop the car after getting off;Do not take unlicensed vehicles or overloaded vehicles.8. You are not allowed to ride a bicycle on the road until you are 12 years old. You are not allowed to ride an electric bike on the road until you are 16 years old.9. Do not cut off the road with motor vehicles. Look around the intersection to confirm safety and then pass.Do not ride in motorway, do not ride in parallel on the road.10. Do not stay on roadways, Bridges, tunnels or traffic safety facilities. Do not cross, climb or step over isolation facilities.11. Watch out for car blind spots.Parents should inform their children of the blind spots when the car is driving or reversing, and do not let the children play or stay in the blind spots.12. Be aware of children being left behind in cars.Parents and teachers must pay attention to check before leaving the car. In the case of children with certain ability, teach them some ways to help, such as honking the horn, playing double flash and beating the window to attract the attention of people around.13. Conscientiously study safety knowledge and skills, participate in emergency drills and safety education activities organized by the school, enhance safety awareness and improve prevention skills.14. Keep to the right and walk slowly up and down the stairs and down the corridor, without pushing. In the canteen, auditorium and other crowded places, do not crowd.15. Do not climb stairs, roads and other areas of guardrail facilities, do not play on platforms without guardrail, to avoid falling.16. Be alert to electrocution by drowning and stay away from potential safety hazards such as construction sites;Keep away from fountain pools, landscaping pools, ponds, etc., beware of slipping or electric shock;Do not linger around the transformer, let alone climb the transformer.17. Don’t treat school public facilities as amusement facilities and don’t play dangerous games.18 classroom doors and Windows and other gaps will “bite”, very dangerous, especially in the opening and closing of doors and Windows, do not put your fingers and other body parts in the gap.Key area fire safety classroom: 19. Do not carry inflammable and explosive articles into the campus.20. Electrical appliances and lighting switches in unmanned classrooms should be kept off.21. Report to the teacher if there is any abnormality in the equipment in the classroom.22. Take care of school fire equipment, such as fire extinguishers in hallways and evacuation signs, and make sure they are in good condition and useful.Do not use open fire, smoke or burn sundries in the dormitory.Illegal use of high-power electrical appliances is strictly prohibited in student dormitories.25. Do not connect wires or network cables improperly.Disconnect all power supplies, including chargers and computers, when leaving the dormitory.27. It is strictly prohibited to store inflammable and explosive materials in the dormitory.Laboratory: 28. Laboratory safety practices should be observed.29. Use laboratory equipment under the guidance of a teacher.30. Check the power supply, pipeline, fire source and auxiliary equipment carefully before using the instruments and equipment.31. Configure fire fighting equipment according to the regulations, and master certain knowledge of fire self-rescue.32. Schools should formulate emergency Plan for Crowded And Stampede accidents on Campus and carry out drills to deal with crowded and stampede accidents.When the student is concentrated fluctuation stair, want to have on duty teacher organization dredge, divide class to go downstairs step by step.33. In case of crowding and trampling, interlock hands with ten fingers to protect the back of the head and neck;Elbow forward, protect both temples, and go with the flow.34 accidentally fall to the ground, to stand up as soon as possible, really can not stand up, fingers crossed hands neck, arms to protect the head, knees as far as possible forward bending, curled into a ball, protect the chest and abdominal cavity of the important organs.35. People near the fallen person should shout for help from the crowd behind them and tell the people behind them not to approach.36. Adults who encounter children should pick them up quickly to avoid being trampled in the confusion.Fire escape: 37. In the early stage of the fire, the fire is not large, and fire extinguishing equipment can be used to extinguish the flames according to the situation;In case of fire, keep calm and do not rush into the crowd. If the passage has been blocked by fireworks, turn your back to the direction of fireworks and call 119 to report to the police in the first time.38. When a fire occurs, do not care about valuables, but in the balcony, window and other easy to be found, Shouting, knocking things or shaking bright clothes, send a distress signal.39. In case of fire escape, cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel and quickly find a safe way out.If you cannot escape from the dormitory, you should close the door, plug the door with wet towels and cloth, and wait indoors for help.40. In case of fire, do not take the elevator to escape, do not blindly jump off the building.Children safety no small school fraud is also equally important oh students have started school, in addition to meet a new study and life, but also learn to identify lawbreakers rhetoric, not by their carefully fabricated lies, to avoid being cheated!In view of the high incidence of fraud types of students and parents groups, please take out a small book to remember 01 payment fraud in the class group of parents using the head teacher’s picture, nickname, posing as the teacher in charge of the teacher, issued false payment information, to lure parents and students to transfer money.For example, “Hello!I am teacher X, the child’s head teacher. Please transfer 200 YUAN of books and materials into the school’s financial account XXXXXXX (account name: XX).”02 Online game false transaction fraud cheats publish advertising information such as buying and selling game equipment, game accounts and selling game coins at low prices on social platforms and game communities.The victim was induced to trade on a fake game trading platform, and then the swindler induced him to pay in the name of “registration fee, deposit, unfreezing fee”, and finally blocked the victim.The scammers widely publish part-time advertisements through websites, forums and social software, claiming to “earn 1,000 yuan a day without leaving home” for online shops, and trick students into buying specific items on online platforms, promising to return the principal and remuneration together after successful transactions.However, once the victim is brushed, the swindler will deduct its principal for various reasons.04 impersonating customer service fraud fraudsters posing as shopping website customer service staff to call the students, say through illegal channels to obtain shopping information, personal information, falsely claimed to buy product quality problems, need to refund compensation.Then the students were enticed to fill in their bank card number, mobile phone number, verification code and other information in the fake refund and claim website, so as to transfer the money in the card.05 posing as an acquaintance fraud to steal students wechat, QQ number, posing as students themselves to the relatives of students, friends to borrow money, or to students have a traffic accident, illness, etc., ask relatives of students, friends to transfer money.06 cancellation of campus loan fraud for registered online loan platform accounts or loan records of students, falsely claimed that “according to the relevant national policies need to cooperate with the cancellation of accounts, otherwise it will affect personal credit investigation”;For students who have no registered online loan platform account or no loan record, the crime of fraud says that “your identity information is stolen and you have registered online loan account, you need to cooperate with the cancellation, otherwise it will affect personal credit investigation”.Fraudsters use attractive women (handsome men) to chat up single college students and make online dates to portray themselves as successful people.After obtaining the victim’s trust, the swindler will guide the victim to enter a fake investment platform for investment, falsely claiming that there are loopholes in the system, no loss, inside information, professional mentor team, etc., and even provide an account for the victim to help manage and experience, so as to induce the victim to invest money.Police remind students: 1. Be careful to add strangers as friends and be careful to join strange groups.2. Do not scan unknown QR codes or click unknown links.3. Do not disclose information about yourself and your family to others, such as home address, mobile phone number, bank card number, ID number, verification code, and any password.4. Do not trust the irregular part-time jobs on the Internet, especially the part-time jobs whose remuneration is much higher than the normal market. Think twice about all the jobs requiring deposit.5. Do not trust the so-called “authorities”. All public security organs, judicial organs and law enforcement departments will never handle cases by phone, let alone require transfer of money.1. Take good care of your mobile phone, bank card and other items. Do not let your child know the payment password, so as not to be cheated by large transfer.2. Control children’s discretionary spending of lucky money or pocket money. It is suggested to help children save regular or limited amount of money.3. Check the computer, iPad, mobile phone and other electronic products used by children in online classes frequently, and check the payment of social and bank accounts.4. Set the account transfer to the child’s wechat account within 24 hours. If you are cheated, you will have enough time to stop the payment.Source: Education and Sports Bureau of Suzhou city