Hangzhou’s “snow sculptor”, Lao Du, yesterday made 12 geese out of snow and gave them a giant panda

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Yesterday, Mr. Zhou called: Hangzhou has not snowed for many years, I have a friend, with snow piled up 12 geese, as well as pandas.Zhou’s friend, Du Jinqian, 57, came from Quzhou.Lao Du lives near Wulian Xiyuan. It snowed heavily in Hangzhou in the morning. Near noon, the snow became more and more slowly, so he arrived near xixi Wetland by electric bike.”Wulian Xiyuan side of the snow is not much, I know there must be xixi wetland, electric bike ride less than ten minutes, there is a big lawn, snow is thick and thick.”With snow, Lao Du also made careful preparations in advance.”Hangzhou has not had such a big snow for several years, I have been paying attention to the weather forecast, said that it may snow in two days, I have prepared the material for snow geese.”Lao Du prepared longans, kumquats and take-out cartons.”Longans are the eyes of a goose, a cut kumquat is the mouth of a goose, and a yellow paper box can be used to make claws of a goose.”In the afternoon, Lao Du spent more than an hour making 12 geese, plus a panda.When Lao Du sent it to me, I said that the “panda” didn’t look very happy, nor did it look very similar. Uncle Du said “HMM”.”I’ve never seen a panda in my life. I’ve read about it in your newspaper once or twice, from memory, but it doesn’t look like much. Maybe next time it will be better.”Lao du said.Lao Du’s other identity is “Snow Carving brother”.In 2013, when He was still working as a security guard at a bank on Miduqiao Road, it snowed in Hangzhou and He piled 22 geese, chickens and pigeons.In those days, the title of “Urban Express” was — “An unexpected spring snow accident attracts du Qian, a security guard of CCB who loves life”, which was forwarded by CCTV. At that time, the network was not very “developed”, and “snow carving brother” became popular.From then on, as long as it snowed in Hangzhou, “snow carving brother” would always “show his hand”, and the name “snow carving brother” also slowly began to spread.In the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month, Lao Du was invited by the Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum in Hangzhou to teach children how to make clay figurines by hand, wearing navy blue security uniform.He piled up thirteen rabbits, four doves, two big white geese, a white sheep and a white horse.In February 2015, a moderate snow fell in Hangzhou.Lao Du made 17 pieces, a white goose 16 chickens.That year, Lao Du told reporters that what he most wanted to build was an aircraft carrier.Lao Du, a military fan, was excited for several days when he learned that China had its first aircraft carrier.”If the snow was heavier, we could build an aircraft carrier.”On January 23, 2016, Lao Du and his colleague Liu piled up a dozen big hens together.In 2017, no media reported on Du’s snow sculptures, and He said there was no snow — or too little snow.January 24, 2018.On that day, there was a heavy snow in Hangzhou. Lao Du, who had not appeared in the media for two years in a row, shoveled a lot of snow and made a pile of two reporters, one with a microphone in his hand and the other with a camera on his shoulder, focusing on a street popcorn man.Snowman reporters attracted real reporters, Du uncle readily accepted a number of media interviews, and then see the snow is melting, Old Du put two snow reporters and popcorn people piled together, made a white horse.Later, Lao Du made another “Pig eight Quit”.”It hasn’t snowed much in Hangzhou for three years,” Mr. Du said. “THIS time I was well prepared.Lao Du’s wechat name is “Snow Carving Brother”.He passed this work to me, said with a smile, the effect of the shoot is not very good, the iPhone was broken years ago, this time the daughter changed a mobile phone.Ten years ago, Lao Du worked as a security guard in a bank on Miduqiao Road. Now he is still a security guard, but he has changed his work unit. Ten years ago, he liked to make geese out of snow on snowy days.Lao Du said he never worries about what others say about him, as long as he is happy.”For example, the panda I made this time is not very good, but I just used this way to tell everyone that the epidemic is over and everyone will be fine. So I made a panda, a national treasure, which has a good meaning.”