Does allowing applications harm computer changes?After reading the article, you will know what to do

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When a lot of users use a computer, discover the computer system will open by default “allow application to change to the computer” authority, for fear of causing any harm to the computer, this article will talk about this matter.Does “Allow application to change to computer” harm?Take Windows 10 as an example, we need to separate the system files, system permissions and application software. The system files and system permissions are bound. If the application software has the power to modify the computer system files and permissions, it can modify the files and Settings in the computer system at will.Take viruses and Trojans as an example. These malicious plug-ins achieve a certain purpose by modifying system files and software Settings. For example, the most hated “enable auto start” function is a representative behavior of modifying system Settings.Therefore, if the user has “Allow application changes to computer” enabled, it is harmful.Do I need to turn off the “Allow application changes to computer” permission?That you how to say, if you know the computer, it can be closed, but if closed, may lead to some software can not run normally, can’t use the full function, and the system generally does not limit for the application, will be enabled by default, the normal use of the computer, and not to install the software with malicious plug-ins (viruses, trojans) under the premise ofEven if these functions are enabled, the system will be affected to some extent, but the impact is not as great as expected. Therefore, you do not need to disable these functions.What can I do if I do not disable the “Allow application changes to computer” permission?The simplest, effective method is to install anti-virus software, home has a lot of anti-virus software, for instance 360, computer housekeeper, one of the effects of this kind of anti-virus software is, on the basis of the user opens this authority, auxiliary user protection computer, prevent those viruses or Trojan to invade a computer, modify system files and functions at will.Like some navigation Settings, home page binding, boot boot, additional installation software, etc., all belong to the abuse of system authorization behavior, the role of this kind of anti-virus software is to prevent them from abusing system authority.Note: The computer model used in this demonstration is Asus Flying Fortress 6 FX86FE, and the computer system version is Windows 10 64-bit Home Chinese Version. No APP version or other information is involved.