“China Transportation News” jiangsu 4 project was evaluated as green transportation practice and innovation base

2022-05-26 0 By

Recently, the Green Transportation Branch of China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association released the first batch of “green transportation” practice innovation bases/projects list, the first batch of a total of 4 Jiangsu bases (projects) on the list.The first batch of “green traffic” practice innovation base/project including nanjing, jiangsu province to the inter-city rail transit engineering of jurong practice innovation projects, green environmental protection management system, ports and demonstration base of zhenjiang canal water service area, 524 national highway usually QiDu to changshu “green traffic” three-ring period of reconstruction engineering practice innovation project, form a complete set (wuxi) municipal road materials productionResearch and development base.The four projects, each with its own characteristics, cover roads, tracks, water service areas and other fields, and play a leading role in environmental protection system, pollution prevention and control, smart roads, municipal maintenance and other aspects, providing replicable experience in green transportation development.This article was published on Page 2 of China Transportation News on April 6