Returning to the Winter Olympics after 12 years!Chinese women ice debut, veteran + rookie not afraid of strong opponents

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The Ice hockey competition of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games kicked off in Wukesong Sports Center on Feb 3, 2018. The Chinese women’s ice hockey team played against the Czech Republic in the opening group match, marking the return of Chinese women’s ice hockey to the Olympic Winter Games in 12 years.After three quarters of struggle, although the opponent lost 1-3, but in 60 minutes, the veteran stick to the new star debut, in the position of cohesion, attack and defense conversion and other aspects, The Chinese women ice show a new look.As we all know, ice hockey is a kind of collective competitive sport played on ice with skates and hockey sticks as tools. Because of strong physical confrontation and fast pace, ice hockey games are very enjoyable to watch.Chinese women’s ice hockey Team has a glorious history and was once the strongest team in the world.In 1996, the Chinese Women’s ice hockey Team won the gold medal in Harbin Asian Winter Games.In the 1999 Gangwon Asian Winter Games, Chinese women won the gold medal again.In the winter Olympics, women’s ice hockey became an official event in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, when the Chinese team, which had participated for the first time, finished in fourth place.Since then, Chinese women’s ice skating has been in a slump due to multiple factors such as the change of the new generation and the change of the old generation, and the Chinese women’s ice skating failed to qualify for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.The last time the Chinese women’s hockey team appeared at the Winter Olympics was 12 years ago in Vancouver, when they finished seventh.The Beijing Winter Olympics, held at home, is not only the fourth time for Chinese women to appear in the Olympic Winter Games, but also their return to the Olympic Winter Games after 12 years.In the opening game against the world’s seventh-ranked Czech Republic, China did not shy away from attacking aggressively from the start, creating many chances in the opposing team’s defensive zone.Meanwhile, the Czechs came on strong and opened the scoring with a shot into the net at 10:38.After conceding the goal, The Chinese team was in a passive situation on the field, and the players made a mistake in the counter-challenge, and the Czech Republic extended the lead.However, trailing by two goals, The Chinese team did not give up. At 9:02 of the second period, the Chinese female ice girl patiently passed the ball to find a gap and finally scored from a distance to pull back the game.In the third quarter, the two sides were evenly matched, and despite the Chinese team’s efforts to fight back, they still lost 3-1.Despite not getting off to a good start, there is no denying that The Chinese women ice in the first match showed a good face.In the lineup, there are not only team captain Yu Baiwei, guard Liu Zhixin and forward Zhang Mengying, who participated in the Vancouver Winter Olympics, but also a lot of fresh blood who made their debut in the Winter Olympics.In terms of tactical systems such as position convergence and attack and defense conversion, the Chinese women also let the audience see their progress and improvement.Host China has been drawn in Group B with Japan, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Denmark.In the same group, Japan ranked sixth, Czech Republic seventh, Sweden and Denmark ninth and 11th respectively, several opponents are different for China, now ranked 20th in the world.Especially under the goal of aiming at the top 8, Any Chinese women’s ice games can not be taken lightly.The loss of the first match, although regrettable, but also accumulated experience for the Chinese team.Over the next few days, the Chinese girls will continue to hit the target.According to the schedule, On February 4th, China will play Denmark and Japan on February 4th and 6th respectively. On The evening of February 7th, China will meet Sweden, the last opponent in the group match.The quarter-finals will be played on February 11 and 12, with the semi-finals on February 14 and the women’s gold medal awarded on February 17.Photo by Xinhua News Agency.