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Good news!The aluminum smelting Division of Edian Holding Group Co., Ltd. needs to recruit 150 staff. Don’t miss this good opportunity, let’s see the details!Yidi Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise group with aluminum processing as the leading, and integrated development of power generation, aluminum smelting, real estate, trade, logistics and finance.Its subordinate enterprises, Henan Yugang Longquan Aluminum Co., LTD., Luoyang Yugang Longquan Aluminum Co., LTD., and Henan Hengkang Aluminum Co., LTD., are located in The industrial agglomeration area of Shuizhai Town, Yichuan County, Luoyang City and Shaanxi Industrial Park, Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, with an annual output of 600,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum and more than 2,300 employees.In 2021, the main business revenue of 7.3 billion yuan, tax of 160 million yuan, yichuan County and Sanmenxia city key backbone enterprises.1. New employees: enjoy free welfare meals (including training period) upon entry;2. Applicants can apply for full-time employment after working for one year (full-time bachelor degree can be shortened to three months, junior college degree can be shortened to half a year;Full-time technical secondary school record of formal schooling can shorten to 9 months), sign labor contract, after turning formal hand in 5 insurance one gold, make you old somewhat raise;The seniority salary will be calculated and paid every month (an increase of 100 yuan per month), and the amount of seniority salary will increase with the entry time;3. The company provides free accommodation and regular physical examination;4. Labor protection products (work clothes, labor protection shoes, washing powder, towels, soap, canvas gloves, masks, hand children, etc.) will be distributed during the shift.Year-end bonus will be issued at the end of each year;5. High temperature subsidy in summer, eggs, drinks, edible oil and other summer benefits will be provided monthly in high temperature season, and items such as Huoxiang Zhengqi water, sugar brine, chrysanthemum, gardenia, bamboo leaves and mung bean soup will be provided to prevent summer heat and reduce summer heat. Watermelon and mutton soup will be provided irregularly.6. This year’s high school graduates can enjoy a subsidy of up to 10,000 YUAN.Poor worker can be assisted by the enterprise to declare to help subsidize by the requirement.The company provides free physical examination for all employees once a year, so that you can know your physical condition like the back of your hand.8. The enterprise can cooperate with central South University and other colleges and universities to provide you with opportunities for further study such as junior college and junior college, and can assist you to obtain the qualification certificate of electrician, welder, heavy industry and other special jobs.We can provide you with professional title identification of aluminum electrolysis worker, foundry worker, electrician, tianche worker and so on. (Jinyuan Vocational Training School of the group is the professional title identification institution authorized by Henan Province.)Junior high school or above;2. Aged 19-50;3. Men who are healthy, able to work shifts and bear hardships;Please bring your ID card, medical examination form and 2 recent bareheaded photos.Registration address: 500 meters south of Sandian Intersection, West fan Village, Baisha Town, Yichuan County, Luoyang City.Contact: Mr. Sang 18211658611 Mr. Yan 13837900968 Hengkang Aluminum Industry Co., LTD., 50 meters north of Shanzhou Avenue, Daying Town, Shanzhou District, Sanmenxia City