Police in Pu ‘er, Yunnan province, seized 14 kilograms of drugs from a drug trafficking channel

2022-05-25 0 By

The picture shows captured suspects and seized drugs.Pu border management team for the figure of Beijing, pu ‘er 31 March 31 (bao-yu cheng) reporter learned from yunnan pu-erh tea border management team that the team recently by big data screening, uncovered a major transport drugs, drug seizures meth 14.16 kg, captured the criminal suspect 2, successfully cut a drug trafficking channels.On March 14, the detachment of police in the investigation of suspected illegal entry and exit personnel found that a Shanghai man Zhou repeatedly to yunnan border and inland areas, and Zhou in the border area without investment records and legitimate occupation, very suspicious behavior.The police focused on those who planned to leave illegally.14 at 21 o ‘clock, the police in Meng Lian County ring Road found Zhou whereabouts, found that its behavior is abnormal.When Zhou arrived at his residence, the police immediately controlled zhou and checked his residence, and found 14.16 kilograms of methamphetamine and a large amount of drug money on the spot from a backpack in the room.Through the trial, Zhou mou to buy, transport drugs of criminal facts confessed.Subsequently, the police in Kunming and successfully captured the suspect Liu.At present, the case is being further handled.Pu ‘er city has a special geographical position of “one city connecting three countries”. It is close to Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar with a border of 486 kilometers, adjacent to the “Golden Triangle”, the world’s drug source, and is the front line of combating drug-related crimes.(after)