“Every time I do my homework, I am so nervous that I do not have the heart to do my homework.

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Many “loving mothers” can suddenly become “tiger mothers” when their children start to do their homework.Strict requirements of parents can make children serious, this is the idea of parents, but not necessarily can receive good results.In an episode of the variety show Teen Talk, a girl in fourth grade tells about her experience doing homework.She said, “My mother made five rules for me to do my homework. First, don’t copy wrong questions.Second, don’t misread the plus or minus sign;Third, there must be no obvious mistakes;Fourth, do not be careless;Fifth, do not write wrong numbers.If I made any of these mistakes, my mother would beat me with a ruler or rubber sole, which hurt.”Hearing her daughter’s complaint, the mother said she was very distressed, but she also had her own reasons.The mother said to her daughter, “Mommy doesn’t want to beat you. Every time mommy hits you, it hurts more than you do!You are not a stupid child. In my mother’s eyes, you are the best child. My mother is afraid of having regrets because of my mother’s education.”The little girl countered, “But, mom, you don’t know, every time I do my homework, I get so nervous that I don’t even think about it.”Mother is to write homework for the child, but because the way is wrong, the child because of the fear of mother’s punishment, can not concentrate on the homework.Think about it now, have you ever done that to your child, and if you have, change it.Parents often use beatings to educate children, will let children become “stupid” parents beat their children, the child’s body although not injured, but there may be “internal injury”.Studies have shown that children under the age of six have underdeveloped nervous systems.The sudden outburst of parents’ negative emotions can stimulate children’s brain nerves and affect children’s memory.In early childhood, children are often subjected to verbal violence from their parents, which reduces the connection between the language area of the brain and the prefrontal lobe, resulting in poor comprehension.Children’s understanding ability is poor, poor memory, IQ performance is relatively low and so on.I have seen a video of a mother whose child was only 7 or 8 years old. She was addicted to playing mobile phone and couldn’t help herself.When she tried to take the phone from him, he rushed to fight her.The boy was only a few years old, so it was obvious that he could not beat his mother, but the mother clearly had no better way to beat him.Parents always use the method of beating children, when he thinks he has the ability to resist you, he will become rebellious, with the same method to deal with you, is really terrible.Parents beat and scold children, will make children inferior character, timid child’s heart if it is particularly sensitive, we can not beat and scold children.Parents’ abuse makes the child feel that parents do not love me, I am a very bad child, not worthy of parents’ love, the child is less and less confident, personality has become inferior, introverted.Parents don’t want to hit their children, but when their children make mistakes, it always makes them very mad. When you are always angry and want to hit their children, you can do this.ⅰ Parents crouch down and listen to their children.Parents should discipline their children when they make mistakes, but don’t be in a hurry to lash out.We should first let the child say what happened, why, is it what we see.In the process of narrating, many children will realize their mistakes, and our emotions will be relieved.Parents who accept their children’s mistakes and then punish them with effective means may be more educational than hitting and scolding.It is ok to punish children, but don’t hurt their self-esteem.Does the child have face?Of course there is.When we criticize and educate children, it is very important to protect their self-esteem.Respect for children is the premise of our education.In the presence of a large number of people, do not expose children’s shortcomings, do not punish children’s mistakes.Punishment should be in the absence of outsiders, children are more willing to accept and correct.Children’s self-esteem is hurt, may provoke rebellious psychology, make some more radical behavior.Parents should learn to put themselves in their children’s shoes and consider their children’s feelings.If parents want to correct their children’s wrong behaviors, they should first understand why their children do so. Only when we understand their feelings, can we take the right medicine to help their children make progress.If you always use the way of beating and scolding the child, impose your own ideas on the child, do not understand the child’s feelings, beating and scolding is also useless.When parents learn to put themselves in other’s shoes, they will find that their children are not as bad as you thought, and their education will be more smooth.Don’t let parents beat their children, you are not afraid of spoiling the child, such a worry is unnecessary.A good child is never beaten out, encouragement, communication, cooperation, many methods are more effective than it.1. If you want to learn more about how to turn your writing into money, check out the following article: How did second-child Baby Mom go from being a blogger to having millions of followers?2. If you want to know systematically how to raise a baby, you can watch and bookmark this parenting handbook: You have a baby at home