The Inexorable rise of China’s hard technology

2022-05-24 0 By

No, the rise of China’s hard technology is unstoppable.The world big game undercurrent, science and technology in 2021 the Chinese chip operating system such as the core technology in reverse globalization and western zero and game thinking was stuck in the neck, it makes our technology to break the situation, in 2021, it’s hard for you to open the 2021 top ten Chinese science and technology achievements, inventory and see what are you together witness.The 14th Five-Year Plan takes self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology as a development strategy, and targets an average annual increase of over 7% in r&d spending over the next five years.Total venture capital investment in China reached $130.6 billion in 2021, up 50% year on year and setting a new record, according to KRYkyun.Chip robots and software became the three core. Under the guidance of national policy support and investment in science and technology industry, China’s hard technology in this year is really hard. First, The Huawei incident triggered China’s new RESEARCH and exploration.Faced with the lack of lithography technology, the bottleneck of lithography materials and the physical limits of electronic chips, China’s chip industry is seeking multiple solutions to overcome the difficulties, which is also the first focus of China’s hard science and technology breakthrough in 2021 listed by the director.Electronic chip behind Europe and the United States days 10 years through the traditional way of research and development to pursue cost huge western city, whether we can find, such as the photon chip, the Chinese Academy of Sciences in photonic integrated function is time more than 10 years, has good technical breakthrough, what light very successful team in the west bank has the world’s most advanced nitrogen oxide silicon high refraction green fork fiber waveguide technique,Dr Ling-ling feng team has mastered the world’s most advanced low power and high silicon light modulator technology, could not understand the proper noun is behind China’s efforts and accumulation in the field of the photon chip technology, the future photonic chip, the combination of traditional electronic chips and photon chip photoelectric chip, could help China achieve tremendous chip and counter attack.Of course, all eggs cannot be put in one basket. We are also looking for other Chinese chip technologies.Westlake University fan professor team is working hard to develop the ice plane technology, using ice glue instead of photoresist to obtain the chip burning problem, for more details, welcome to watch the director of the past video.In the new field of light quantum computing chips, in June 20221 USTC guang-can guo academician team results has been released on the international academic journal physical review letters, light quantum chip performance for several one hundred times higher than ordinary chips, but only a few common chips / 1 power consumption, without lithography, although the light quantum chip is still in the laboratory stage,Once put into use, but the technology will overturn the entire semiconductor industry gold piece puzzle riveted, and Chinese people’s eyes are focused on ren zhengfei, huawei, so the second hard from huawei science and technology, in the face of the chip blockade, huawei income for two consecutive years of decline, launch no 5 g total shadow, huawei is downfallen?Huawei has not been dormant. In order to break out of the cocoon and put its chips under the control of others, Huawei has made breakthroughs in operating system.In 2021, Huawei Hongmeng OS2.0 came out, taking the first step of domestic operating system.Hongmeng is not only building mobile phone operating system, but looking at the whole Internet of Things world. Hongmeng 5 ships aims at the Internet of everything. We also hope Huawei can get out of the predicament as soon as possible.The director also hopes that There will be more and more companies like Huawei in China, and what hard technologies will be listed in the next period in 2021?