Spring to the grassroots | small shrimp “swim” out of the big industry

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During the Spring Festival, the reporter entered changyi City xiaying town haida Group Changyi Seaview Island biological science and Technology Co., Ltd. warm as spring shrimp breeding shed, saw the staff is in full swing for the Spring Festival shrimp market busy.”Our prawns have been on sale in December, and the price of each kilogram of prawns can reach about 45 yuan.The best culture environment for prawn is 28℃, and open-air culture has been unable to produce in this season.Now it’s all factory farmed prawns.Factory farming is a time difference, from September to May is the best production cycle, just to make up for the Spring Festival market supply.”Haida group changyi Seaview island biological technology limited company in charge said.”The main advantage of factory farming over open-pit farming is that it is no longer dependent on the weather.At present, we have a breeding area of 200,000 square meters in Changyi, the construction of more than 100 breeding booths, in addition to a specialized highly educated technology research and development team and strict water quality monitoring system, the whole production process is controlled, all these ensure that our shrimp breeding success rate is higher, better product quality, more guaranteed output.Being in the market gives us more room to negotiate.”The person in charge told reporters, whether it is factory farming, or soil pond intensive breeding, high quality shrimp, shrimp seedling is the key.We currently choose the species of shrimp from Bang Pu seed industry, which is about half cheaper than foreign species of shrimp. Besides, the transportation distance is close, which saves more costs.These factors have also driven the enthusiasm of prawn farmers around Shandong.China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of penaeus vannamei. For example, Penaeus vannamei is the shrimp species with the largest mariculture area and the highest yield in China, with an annual output of more than 1.8 million tons, accounting for 40% of the world’s output.The demand of South American white shrimp is about 1 million pairs, however, such a huge market, provenance has been monopolized by foreign countries, domestic high quality shrimp share is only about 20%, a considerable part of shrimp imports, a pair of imported shrimp prices up to 1000 yuan.If we want to further expand and strengthen the Marine aquaculture industry, we must adhere to both internal and external repair, and the upgrading of aquaculture mode, the technological bottleneck of shrimp planting must also be solved.To this end, Changyi city introduced bangpu seed industry national aquatic genetic breeding center, relying on academician Bao Zhenmin of Chinese Academy of Engineering and scientific research team of Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, to carry out the breeding of new shrimp species.After years of efforts, the city has built the largest, the highest genetic diversity, and South America white shrimp living germplasm repository, broke the genome selection, standardization on several characters without specific pathogen and so on many kinds of shrimp propagation as “their” technology, can achieve 100000 to the kind of shrimp market supply, it can produce 20 billion tail of young shrimps, turn the South America white shrimp species of shrimp in China mainly rely on import, intoThe present situation and predicament of multi-generation reproduction.In addition,Changyi city depends on the state’s seed industry in South America white shrimp upstream r&d and reproductive advantage, combined with the introduction of a total investment of 3 billion yuan in guangdong modern ecological farming demonstration garden in the north, the South America white shrimp shrimp seedlings cultivation, propagation, breeding, popularization, further extending the industrial chain, formed the source for breeding, breeding enterprise as a link, South America white shrimp aquaculture demonstration garden for terminal intactIndustrial chain, the realization of good seed, good raising, good sales of a good situation.(Report by Du Zhenqiang, Correspondent Wang Lubing, Zhang Xuejian, Dazhong Daily client reporter)