Live field to help farmers to help my heart

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Ruixue ji, ice and snow did not melt, cold spring.”To deal with the impact of the current cold weather on crops in the field, to help farmers stabilize yields and increase income, is the immediate priority, the people are worried.”Recently, Zhao Ya, an agricultural technician in Guadian Township, Fengtai County, rushed to the wheat field of Chenmiao Village and began to broadcast the knowledge of crop field management through wechat moments and Douyin.At this time, more than 10 villagers in the field to watch.Villager Tian Heyou anxiously asked: “my wheat seedlings thin yellow, do not know what reason, you can help me deal with it?”Zhao Ya through on-site consultation, told him that because of the early sowing soil compaction, late lack of fertilizer caused by the impact, suggested that he immediately topdressing compound fertilizer and urea, promote the normal growth of wheat.Several villagers in the same situation heard the introduction, immediately rushed to the supply and marketing agency to buy fertilizer, said in the morning to the field.At the beginning of the New Year, Guandian Township of Fengtai County took food production as the main work of the layout to grasp, to ensure food security, to help lay the foundation for the healthy operation of the economy.The cold air outside is threatening, but in the vegetable greenhouse of CAI Zhuang village villager Song Xi Dao is warm.Reporters see, in the greenhouse eggplant, pepper fruit.CAI Guoyu, an agricultural technician, is constantly broadcasting live, and explaining the management knowledge of vegetable greenhouses in cold weather to vegetable farmers, and instructing villagers to do a good job in vegetable greenhouses to keep warm.Villager CAI Guoqing saw moments of friends live, anxious if the meteor came to the scene.”The celery in my house greenhouse appears fall phenomenon, how to do?”CAI Guoyu immediately went to his vegetable greenhouse to check, told him to do a good job of water control fertilizer, at the same time for thinning and timely ventilation.Also, advise him to sell as soon as possible and cut his losses.In the wheat field of Zhuyuan village, yuan Shuyin, the village party branch secretary and agricultural technician, checked the growth and development of wheat and rapeseed crops one by one.Live broadcast to guide the villagers to do a good job in the field ditch drainage preparation work, prevent the spring continuous rainfall on crops harm, affect the harvest.”There are more than 780 villagers on my Wechat moments and Douyin, and more than 500 people watch and like each live broadcast,” Yuan told reporters. “Many villagers benefit a lot from the live broadcast platform!”At 10 o ‘clock in the morning of February 9, the vegetable farmers of more than 40 acres of vegetable greenhouses in Chen Miao Village were very happy to see the arrival of agricultural technicians, as if a warm current sent to their hearts.Vegetable farmers can’t wait to consult the current greenhouse melon seedling sprout management technology and nutrition pot seedling base fertilizer preparation standard.Agricultural technicians live broadcast side by side a detailed explanation, until you understand.Vegetable farmer Chen Guangyou planted 10 mu of greenhouse melons last year, with a net income of nearly 100,000 yuan.This year he packed 20 mu greenhouse planting melon, the recent cold weather, let him worry about the cultivation of melon bud period, after the training of agricultural technical personnel, this year’s greenhouse melon income is full of confidence.He clenched his fist and said he would strive for 200,000 yuan this year.More than 1,500 villagers received crop and vegetable management training during the Spring Festival.Reporter Liu Yinchang correspondent Tang Jialin statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: