Heilongjiang Suian County “point to point” escort farmers to work outside

2022-05-24 0 By

On February 16, the 16th lunar month, Suijiang County, Heilongjiang Province, more than 100 self-driving cars carrying more than 450 farmers rushed to land reclamation sanjiang area to carry out spring farming production, 10 buses also pulled more than 500 migrant workers at the same time, far to Jiangsu Tianshuo Medical Supplies Co., LTD., Hebei Xiong ‘an Pengshun Latex Products Co., LTD.,More than 900 migrant workers “point to point” set foot on the journey of returning to work, also opened suiilian county to promote labor export, promote farmers to increase income.Focusing on increasing farmers’ income, Suijian county focused on epidemic prevention and control and farmers’ employment, and adopted a number of measures such as investigation, precise docking, and special line transportation to promote farmers’ local employment and migrant work in an organized and planned way, achieving a good start to the first quarter and creating a good situation of stable employment, promoting income increase and helping the revitalization.By March 10, the county is expected to send 9,120 migrant workers, accounting for 14.2 percent of the annual total.Suijian County relies on the electronic information platform of farmers’ labor export team and the client of the local epidemic analysis and diversion center for seamless connectivity.Big data has been fully utilized to achieve targeted prevention and control, reducing the risk of imported cases and making full preparations for migrant workers to return home.County labor export work program using the eve of the Spring Festival of migrant workers return home, in a timely manner set up the villages and towns, streets a returning migrant workers standing book information management, information collection, completes the migrant workers continue to improve migrant workers information database, demand for workers jobs, travel arrangements, such as physical condition do base, Ming, qing can check on the net, the dynamic grid management,Provide data support for farmers to return to work.We contacted major employers in and around the county, collected and sorted out 506 jobs and pushed them to rural migrant workers through online employment fairs to promote local employment.We have maintained close communication with more than 260 foreign enterprises such as Xiangyu Group, Qingdao Fuerkang Garment Co., LTD., and Dalian Yunfei Composite flooring Factory, and timely organized labor subjects and migrant farmers to carry out precise docking.In order to ensure the safety of migrant workers and prevent the export of disease sources, under the unified leadership of the county epidemic prevention and control Headquarters,Organization and government, WeiJian bureau, municipal bureau, public security bureau, transportation bureau, the railway station and other departments and towns, the streets of migrant workers unified registration, three consecutive days to deal with health certificate longjiang health code, unified purchase, unified entry ticket, unified distribution and epidemic prevention materials and departure time and place, partial classification, by the traffic police and medical staff escorted all the way,”Point-to-point” delivery and “one-stop” service will be realized to ensure that “when leaving the door, the door enters the factory door”, so that migrant workers can travel in a healthy, orderly, safe and comfortable way.Author: Liu Weilin, reporter of Farmers Daily, China Agricultural Network