From word of mouth to satellite TV stage, the magic of the old name of The Day cat began the first gun of the New Year campaign

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The Spring Festival is a concentrated time node for Chinese people to pay high attention to and return to tradition. It is unique in the year-round advertising calendar for its wide audience and strong social resonance.The time-honored brand has a natural topic advantage in the Spring Festival due to its traditional accumulation and baptism.Over the years, the New Year campaign has been a battle for business, how to do its best, has become a business must answer the question.At the end of this year, tmall’s magic old shop is busy preparing Spring Festival goods for everyone, but also gives its own answer.The flavor of New Year is getting weaker and weaker. Will it have “disappeared” in a few years?The magical time-honored brand of Tmall has an insight into this social mood. The once concrete, strong and beautiful Flavor of The New Year has gradually been forgotten and disappeared with the traditional Customs, becoming no longer real!Bring back the year, let the year flavor return, let laozihao into everyone’s vision, bring warmth of home, become the first task at the beginning of 2022 tmall magic Laozihao!In order to activate the “old” heritage and “new” power, there is a wonderful chemistry with young people.Tmall magical old according to the new and old plastic from standing right outside the imagination of the topic, the younger generation to Tmall on-site interactive play the fun of the venue, Tmall based on the old background, with younger marketing language as medium, strike a chord, set off topic, attract more people to pay attention to old, old younger inverse growth.One of the most concerned is to join hands with Henan TV peak word of mouth.In this communication, the brand customized inscription # henan Spring Festival gala #, created by the time-honored brand of tmall magic and weibo platform, has twice been ranked TOP1 in weibo’s hot search list from 27th to 30th, with an extremely long duration of 26 hours and an influence of more than 99.12%.The inscription created by the magical time-honored brand of Tmall has been read more than 2 billion times on the whole network, and the amount of interaction is far more than 3 million people.Tmall magical old hand in hand with the henan TV station, in the marketing world 2022 years “a match made in heaven” : deep traditional culture, henan TV program production level, user base, and successful cases seen and Tmall magical old together the Chinese classic brand, has the rich Chinese culture genes and the material.The common audience, overlapping cultural genes and similar concrete traditional cultural communication routes make the cross-border cooperation between Tmall and Henan Spring Festival Gala form a powerful new potential of traditional culture.Growth or disappear in the new consumption era old brands face a difficult choice “wine, or aged incense”, in the new consumption era, new brands are ambitious kill all sides, international brands eyeing eyeing, through mergers and acquisitions integration of high transfer into the bureau, reshuffle the market pattern.At the moment, the picky post-90s, post-00s and “Generation Z” have successfully emerged as the core consumer power.Consumption continues to upgrade, the value of human goods field is reconstructed, and the time-honored brands that believe in “good wine is not afraid of alley deep” face the cruel reality of weak user stickiness and low repurchase rate of products, and finally realize that the ceiling of brand development will be visible to the naked eye if they continue to remain weak after entering the mature stage.In fact, time-honored brands have profound historical accumulation formed by decades or even hundreds of years of deep cultivation in the industry, ingenuity and culture that can stand the test of time. These are the structural advantages that FMCG cannot surpass in the short term.But in the marketing world, almost every minute, every second, there are many veteran brands in various fields are eliminated by The Times.Therefore, we should not only keep the “fine tradition” basic plate, but also not stop the transformation of youth marketing.Easier said than done.Take advantage of the “New Spring node” Tmall power old brand to break dimensional wall with innovative marketing, promote brand rejuvenation, this is not a new topic, but in the marketing circle, mention the brand transformation of youth, similar to “insight into the mentality of young people, with young language to tell stories, empathy, create play together…”On paper, but in actual operation, quite a part of the case is good.Tmall this Spring Festival marketing event, not only take advantage of the trend of “looking for New Year” topic “doing things” to attract attention characteristics, but also bound the Spring Festival Gala top flow “2022 Henan SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala”, inside and outside the field complement each other, to achieve the topic completely detonated.First of all, tmall station inside and outside the joint force.Outside the site, Tmall focuses on the insight of “Missing New Year flavor”, amplifies the time-honored brand as the cultural inheritance, the accumulation of time, and the trait of the continuation of love. With the theme of “Time-honored brand brings back the New Year”, it builds a complete communication link of “Seeking New Year”.By setting up interesting topics, social video interaction and other forms, Tmall linked KOL on weibo to interact around “helping old brands find the flavor of New Year in a comprehensive way”. The “Looking for New Year event” ended with the brand TVC of “1000 year old Fan Cultural Relics”, which brought together science fiction, two-dimension, archaeology, time travel and other popular plot tags of young people.We encourage people to spend the Lunar New Year with their family and friends through the time-honored brands. From the perspective of micro-blog topics, it brings news, entertainment and culture into multiple circles and arouses emotional resonance.Inside the station, tmall magic time-honored brand hand in hand with 7 big time-honored brands, will “magic time-honored brand” production technology, special production techniques, through the form of gamification to tell consumers, simple interaction let consumers get the quality of time-honored brand, and in the form of prizes and welfare let consumers have the opportunity to get these boutique goods.At the same time, through regional division, selection of time-honored brands, in line with the mark of spring and hometown, through deepening the “regional differences” of “New Year flavor” hidden deep in the memory of Chinese people, diversified synchronous vertical promotion, mining the “New Year flavor” with unique regional style, to achieve the effect of covering the whole population of Chinese people’s livelihood story.In order to expand the spread of the topic and attract the attention of different groups, statistics show that the number of videos played under the theme of # Hidden in the deep memory of Chinese people has exceeded 2 million.Second, Tmall has locked the stage most suitable for the time-honored brand “Looking for the New Year” in advance — Henan Spring Festival Gala, leading the time-honored brand to firmly grasp the emotions of home and family, starting from the novel topic of “finding the flavor of the New Year”, to build a stage art block, combined with scene props, IP doll fancy implantation, seamless integration with the program, highlighting the whole process.Without destroying the artistic beauty of the program itself, the image and topic of Tmall and Time-honored brand are skillfully implanted in the language program, which makes the audience laugh with humorous content and deepen their impression on the magical time-honored brand of Tmall.With the strong binding of time-honored products and The flavor of The New Year, the potential energy is doubled and magnified, which can not help but make the audience heartfelt sigh: “Spring Festival goods, or time-honored incense”!At present, the development of time-honored brands presents the situation of “fire and ice”, some of them have faded out of people’s memory, and some of them have introduced excessive commercial packaging, losing their true colors and tastes, and become “familiar strangers” to the public.Of course, many time-honored brands are down-to-earth, combining their own cultural heritage, ingenuity and novel marketing techniques to create their own brand moat.And in this process, the day cat “god assists” can not help but let the industry call straight.On the occasion of the summer heat last year, the magic of the tmall time-honored united Bingfeng, Hankou two factory, Tianfu Cola, Asia sand, big kiln guests, Qiu Ringe gas, Hongbaolai, Shanhaiguan this 8 big domestic time-honored soda, set off a nationwide “to The Tmall bucket steam” regional aid upsurge.The “local soda” topic helped the old brand return to the social center, and the subsequent fancy aid, koi heating, continued to drive the call hot discussion.In September, the Mid-Autumn Festival, Tmall magic time-honored brands, together with Wufangzhai, Dayi Tea, Tsingtao beer and other “magic time-honored brands”, flooded the wechat moments with TVB old Opera barley evergreen viral video, once again to carry out interesting “effective communication” with the young generation.In recent years, Tmall has persistently launched a series of marketing campaigns through innovative integration of culture and business to solve the aging crisis of time-honored brands.Now, Tmall has become the main front for the old brands to pass the mature period and the new consumption of taste. More and more old brands choose Tmall to start their own digital transformation.Through the use of scientific and technological marketing tools, flow resources, financial and technical support, as well as keeping pace with The Times, to meet The Times of marketing model innovation, Tmall not only resurrect the original taste of the original color authentic taste of the time-honored brand, but also let the time-honored link consumer groups, accelerate the formation of tap water and congenital powder.Up to now, more than 700 of the 1,128 time-honored brands identified by the Ministry of Commerce have entered Alibaba’s retail platform, and more than 400 have opened tmall flagship stores.In the New Year, with the cross-border Henan SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala marketing as the symbol, Tmall’s larger time-honored revival project has been rolled out, more wonderful, to be continued.