2022, worry less, rejoice more

2022-05-24 0 By

It’s time to bid farewell to the old and usher in the new.Happy New Year’s Eve!There is an old saying: “Taurus out of the cold wind, white tiger spring joy.”With the sound of firecrackers and fireworks gradually sounded on New Year’s Eve, the Year of the Ox is about to say goodbye to us, and the Year of the Tiger is about to begin.In the past year, we have gained and lost something.Some gather, some scatter;Laugh, also cry;Once high and mighty, also experienced the storm.Years make us grow, sharpen our muscles, test our minds, give us gifts, warm our hearts and enrich our nature.The end of the year is a summary of the old year and a welcome for the New Year.Is the end, is also the beginning.It is farewell and reunion.The meaning of the New Year and the Spring Festival is to tell us that no matter what we have experienced in the past year, we should let go and let go at the end of the year.Turn over the old preface and a new chapter will follow.You see, the streets and roads have been decorated with lights, the children have put on their new clothes, and their parents have prepared a table of food.When the fireworks in the overhead sky bloom gorgeous sparks, all the worries are thrown to the sky, then disappear.After a busy year, I feel at ease to have a reunion dinner with my family.Bring into the New Year mother’s thoughts, father’s concern, lover’s company, and the taste of home together.May we all be safe, healthy and all the best in the coming year.”Let’s make the fireworks into a painting and the warmth of love into a curtain of dreams, silently and happily waiting for the ringing of the New Year bell.”Gong send Taurus old year go, wish ten million welcome jade tiger.I wish you all good luck and prosperity in the New Year!