The “double reduction” is not only for compulsory education!Xueersi, Homework help, New Oriental have stopped high school subject training

2022-05-23 0 By

The influence of “double reduction” policy is gradually spreading to the field of discipline training in senior high schools.A number of online education institutions, including Xueersi Online School, Xueshubang and New Oriental, have released their spring enrollment lists, excluding high school subject courses.Experts say supervision of subject-related training at the high school level is an important part of improving the education ecosystem.The reporter noticed that in the course selection and class application program of Xueersi, its courses cover grade 6 and grade 1 students in primary school, and the courses provided are non-disciplinary courses;There are no courses in the high school.For example, junior high school students can choose the course “Comprehensive Quality”, which organizes students to study in the National Museum of China for junior high school students who like Chinese culture.Sixth grade students can choose the courses of “Scientific Intelligence”, “humanistic aesthetic education”, “programming” and “scientific experiments”.Students and their parents who have signed up for courses at Xueersi High School in Beijing have also received a refund notice recently, saying that xueersi Peking High School will cancel spring courses and refund fees to further respond to the national “double reduction” policy.In new Oriental mini program, its courses are divided into several categories such as “quality training”, “international education”, “minor languages” and “university examination”. The optional courses in high school are only Japanese and other minor languages and international education courses.On gaotu APP, the curriculum options pushed by the system for high school students are mostly “subject selection guidance” and “voluntary application”, etc.In fact, the supervision of high school discipline training has long been traceable.”Measures of Beijing On Further Reducing homework Burden and Off-campus Training Burden of Students in Compulsory Education” clearly states that “the management of disciplinary training institutions for ordinary senior high school students shall refer to relevant regulations of the Central Government and this Municipality.In January this year, the Xicheng district “double reduction” work special class office issued a notice, received a report from the public, through the verification found that xueersi training school to “custom class form” for part of the high school students to organize discipline training, serious violation of the relevant provisions and “double reduction” policy requirements;The Xicheng District Education Commission criticized the school and ordered it to stop all training activities and rectify the situation within a time limit.The Ministry of Education also made it clear in its work guidelines for 2022 that it will “guide local governments in implementing the policy of strictly referring to compulsory education for subject training in senior high schools.”Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the National Institute of Education Sciences, said there is a certain correlation between subject training in high school and training in compulsory education.”If there is training at the high school level, inevitably there will be parents looking for ways to start their children at an earlier age, and the whole ecology of training may change.”In his opinion, the management department has accumulated certain experience in the management of compulsory education training in the early stage, which can effectively provide reference for the supervision of subject training in high school.”Reducing the impact of training on students’ test scores is an important means to maintain fairness and equity in the gaokao.”Chu Zhaohui believes that the next step of “double reduction” should be to improve the quality of education in the school and make the way of education evaluation more diversified. “The key of” double reduction “is to do a good job in the school, cultivate students’ sound personality and let students’ nature get full development.”