Huishan Gang Town: Party epidemic prevention team

2022-05-23 0 By

The Current situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim, and the Government of Heshangang Town Party Committee has paid great attention to it and formulated the Implementation Plan of Volunteer Service activities of Anti-Epidemic Contingent of Party Members in Heshangang Town.Since March 24, the town launched a one-month volunteer service activity of “Party members fighting the epidemic”.More than 100 epidemic prevention teams were quickly set up at both town and village levels to visit villages and households. While strengthening the publicity of epidemic prevention and control work, people who had returned to their hometowns were carefully surveyed and dispatched to improve their awareness of epidemic prevention and control, and to build a tight defense line of mass prevention and control.”My daughter is on vacation and has come back from Changsha. Does she need to stay at home?””Do I need to take a nucleic acid test when I come back from Ningxiang?”Party members and epidemic prevention teams patiently answered the questions of returning people.At the same time, the “information groups” set up by each village updated the epidemic prevention and control information in a timely manner, provided warm tips in a few words or forwarded the relevant notices of the epidemic prevention and control department, and timely forwarded the knowledge and information of the epidemic prevention and control to remind everyone not to relax and slack off.Inquired about passengers in order to ensure that the epidemic “high strength, wide coverage, no dead Angle”, he community party branch, head of the led and epidemic prevention teams patrols and MoPai, persuade the masses do not visiting visiting relatives and friends, do not participate in the dinner party, try not to go out, go out wearing a mask, a concerted effort to build the epidemic prevention and control in the first line of defense.The person in charge of the town Party Committee said that The Town will continue to build a strong defense against the epidemic, often grasp the epidemic prevention and control unremitting, go all out, fulfill their duties, earnestly do a good job of the implementation of the prevention and control measures, maintain the people’s life and health, (second trial: Yang Yajing, Supervision: Liu Peng)