Blue hair back 28, to protect the knee temporarily shelter head, net friends remind Tian Jing: abnormal things will be demon

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There are also many people who fish in troubled waters in the process of the February 8 incident. They have no help for the case, but they have gained a lot of fame and benefit from it, more or less their own ability, such as cat mother 45 own flow, blue cat professional singer.They play very little role in the life-changing affair, and when it comes to serious matters, they all hide, but when the case is over, they emerge from every corner like cats smelling fishy, and divide the life-changing cake.Don’t say cat mother four or five, at least back to Xu Min brought a lot of flow, but blue hair is more use of the wrong change for their own interests.Blue hair backtracked is not the first time, last announced withdrawal, is in aunt and daughter before the accident, it seems to smell what the wind, and Du Xinzhi announced to retire the network, retire the network shortly after, Du Xinzhi in the hospital, then, aunt and daughter accident, the wrong change toward serious developments.This time, the blue hair announced to quit again, suddenly, without warning.Visible, blue hair and Du Xinzhi has an inseparable relationship, he can get the news in the first time, or aunt before the accident to get the news, is not a simple person, and after the aunt and her mother died, he broke his oath, can’t wait to come forward to voice, to ensure that aunt is suffering from emotional injury.Blue cat how much ability, predict the future, in the whole network have no news of the time, the first jump out to say aunt is met with love.Combined with the previous information, it is not difficult to infer that Blue hair knew about his aunt long ago. When the danger came, he escaped in advance. After the alert was lifted, he hurried out to be the first one to eat the cake.Since dare to say, she is absolutely not the mastermind of the case, but outsiders and insiders, seeing the wrong life into a sensitive stage, is about to enter the people turn to punishment, presumably blue hair and know what news, a can bring great influence to the wrong change things, in order to save themselves, blue hair will choose to return the net again.Still remember before blue hair once said, if is du aunt sneak, he will kneel to apologize to everyone.Once the big pharmacy has favorable evidence, Lao Du’s smuggling will sit solid, but blue cat will kneel in public, in order to save the knee, will temporarily avoid wind head.It would be great if there was good news at the pharmacy.But there is another possibility that Lao Du is planning something, after all, last time, blue hair quit, Xu Min lost two lives.Now quit again, also uncertain what dangerous things will happen, so the net friend reminded Tian Jing, abnormal there will be a demon, must learn to protect themselves and their children, to prevent bad people desperate.Big V backwater happens from time to time in the wrong exchange, they are like the wallflower in the wind, only rely on their own favorable side, or wait for the news of the big pharmacy, from the warning of blue hair, wrong words will usher in a big storm.