Zhejiang Provincial Public Library launches more than 1000 Spring Festival activities to accompany you to enjoy the “booklike” Chinese New Year

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Recently, the library of zhejiang province all levels of public libraries around the “scholarly zhejiang cloud, enjoy reading” in the theme, integration to build New Year theme reading promotion resources gift bag, including read gala, soliciting activities, exhibitions, public digital culture resources and other various forms of activities, let in zhejiang for the holiday, local residents and foreign residents in zhejiang happy enjoy reading,Feel the warmth of zhejiang big family.According to statistics, the province plans to hold a total of 1,403 New Year cultural activities for different reader groups, including 652 online activities, 721 offline activities, and more than 30 online and offline activities.At that time, Zhejiang Library will cooperate with all levels of public libraries in the province to hold 8 linkage activities.The activity is divided into two parts: “Book in Zhejiang • Cloud Reading” and public digital cultural resources service promotion activities.Among them, there were 3 reading promotion activities, including “Tiger Roar, Renyin” — New Year themed cultural exhibition, “Tiger Spring Festival in Zhejiang province” reciting Spring Festival Gala, and “Yin Chun song Fu New Year” Song Ci Youyou reading contest to welcome spring, etc.In addition, there were 5 public digital cultural resources service promotion activities, which were “21 days of reading and punch-card” activity, “Cloud Look exhibition — Good New Year Book Exhibition” activity, “cloud pair of couplets — Spring Festival couplets pair and match” activity, “cloud race — Monopoly Knowledge Challenge” activity, “Cloud Le Yuanxiao — Joy Yuanxiao card lottery” activity.During the Spring Festival, the special page of Spring Festival activities will be launched on zhejiang Literature and Information Resources Co-construction and Sharing Network (http://share.zjlib.cn), Zhili APP, wechat mini program and subscription account, and the co-construction and sharing platform service promotion activities will be carried out by logging in to the co-construction and sharing network, downloading zhili APP and following zhili Public account.During the Spring Festival, Zhejiang Library plans to hold 29 activities, including 23 online activities and 6 offline activities.There will be a cultural exhibition on the theme of Chinese New Year, a Chinese New Year gift bag, a Social lecture hall and an online reading promotion of the “Chinese New Year Book”.In public libraries in other parts of the province, Spring Festival activities are also rich and varied, with continuous online and offline linkage. Bring your family and friends together to have a “colorful Cultural Year”.The main activities of Hangzhou Regional Library include exhibitions on Spring Festival painting and calligraphy, tiger culture and other themes, guessing lantern riddles and “I am the best in encyclopedic knowledge”.Such as online knowledge contest activities, as well as a variety of thematic lectures.The main activities of Ningbo Library include the Special lecture of Tianyi Lecture Hall, the activity of “Wishing for the Year of the Tiger, Blessing bag for Luck”, and the online quiz activity of “Finding the Flavor of the Year of the Tiger”.The library of Zhenhai district held the activity of “Staying in Town for the Spring Festival” — giving books to migrant workers.Wenzhou Regional Library has 89 activities for special groups during the Spring Festival, including 85 activities for children and 4 activities for the elderly.The main activities include “Welcome the New Year with joy, Send Blessings and Send Spring Festival Couplets” 2022 Spring Festival Folklore Knowledge Cloud competition, small congratulatory gifts and Strong Blessings — Short video collection of Creative Spring Festival works, “Poems pass ancient rhymes · Words Sing Spring Festival”, customized Lectures on New Year reading plan, etc.The main activities of Huzhou district Library during the Spring Festival include celebrating the Spring Festival by guessing lantern riddles, celebrating the New Year with books, “Finding the Flavor of the New Year and welcoming the Year of the Tiger”, the theme activity of “Inheriting culture and Writing Ink south of the Yangtze River”, and the lantern making activity of the Spring Festival series of activities such as “Small class of books and Elegant charm”.Jiaxing Library organized “Hehe” series of activities, and the town (street) branch library created their own characteristic children’s brand activities to meet the reading needs of children of different ages;For the elderly group, during the Spring Festival, a special training program of “Sunset Red E group” information literacy for the elderly was organized to guide the elderly friends to use PS to make New Year cards and express New Year wishes.For different special groups, Haining Library launched a series of themed activities entitled “Read Haining, Pass the Tide Year”.The main activities of Shaoxing District Library include “Chinese Dream · Hometown Love” local folk photography contest, Writing New Year’s book wishes, Exhibition of Chinese traditional auspicious patterns, Ten thousand ways of Spring, Tiger’s Majestic Mountains — Tiger culture theme exhibition, etc.The main activities of Jinhua District Library include traditional handmade activities such as Lantern Festival lanterns, DIY lantern “Fish every Year”, Clean government paper cutting exhibition, Clean Government Spring Festival Couplets exhibition, Laba Festival folk culture exhibition, reading question and answer and parent-child classroom activities for children.During the Spring Festival, quzhou regional library not only carried out picture book activities for preschool children, but also “New Year’s greetings hidden in ancient Poems” for teenagers — online punch in spring Themed poems, as well as mobile phone shooting small class series activities for middle-aged and elderly readers.Zhoushan district library’s main activities include online idiom “the year of the tiger happy without limit, recruit challenge”, “bright lights race appears when month circle” – the Lantern Festival celebrated masterpiece appreciation, 28 days for young readers “young” learned growth plans and mud – on the “cloud” – zhejiang minor’s reading festival teenagers 6th comic contest excellent exhibition, etc.Taizhou Regional Library’s main activities include guessing Spring Festival couplets, traditional festival photo exhibition, online lecture series “Welcome the Spring Festival” and so on.Yuhuan Library held the online live broadcasting activity of “My Yuanxiao, LET me Make fun of you” with prizes, interactive with readers, set up the answering methods and participation rules, and gave New Year’s gifts to successful readers.Lishui District Library’s main activities include making handmade tiger year blessing bags, “sending spring blessing to thousands of people”, Jinyun paper cutting experience, holding annual custom exhibition and festival folk knowledge exhibition, etc.