Taijiang County held a meeting on spring conscription for 2022

2022-05-22 0 By

On March 10, a meeting was held in Taijiang County, Southwest China’s Guizhou Province for the 2022 spring conscription.Dong Guomeng Carey zones of political commissars, vice secretary of the county, county, county conscription work leading group leader Yang Dezhao, the county committee and county department of military equipment commissar, county Zhou Fenglin conscription work leading group deputy team leader, secretary of the county department of military equipment, county conscription work leading group deputy team leader says, deputy county, county public security bureau chief, county Chen Hongli conscription work leading group deputy team leader,County conscription leading group members and the relevant departments responsible person to attend the meeting.At the meeting, the conscription work of this spring was introduced in detail, and the principles of conscription and clean conscription discipline were read out to ensure fairness and honesty in conscription work.Finally, the comprehensive quantitative evaluation of the “double qualified” personnel was announced, and collective discussion and research were conducted to form opinions on the selection of soldiers.At the meeting, 21 new recruits and 4 reserve personnel were selected for the 2022 spring conscription in Taijiang County.The meeting called for strengthening the management of soldiers.In accordance with the requirements of “quasi-militarization”, we will continue to effectively control and manage the new recruits selected and do a good job in adaptability training.Second, we will implement the policy of preferential treatment for entitled groups.Timely issue the notice of enlistment, and coordinate with schools to do a good job in the recruitment of new recruits to retain their school status, tuition compensation and other work.Third, we need to do follow-up work well.We will strictly implement the announcement of the selection of troops as required, and actively accept the supervision of the society and the masses.Fourth, ensure safe delivery.It is necessary to conduct in-depth studies on the transport of troops under the current epidemic situation, strengthen communication and coordination with the receiving troops, fully consider various situations that may occur on the transport route, do a good risk assessment and formulate countermeasures.Correspondent Tian Ruying Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Yang Xiaobo editor Pan Hong editor Yang Jiahao