National Trust to anchor ‘service Trust’

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Since national Trust started its professional transformation in mid-2019, it has taken the initiative to reduce the scale of traditional business, accurately predicted the situation, and arranged the asset service trust field in advance. A series of positive results have been achieved in the service trust business represented by bankruptcy reorganization and property rights trust.It is reported that in 2021, National Trust successively landed two enterprise bailout special trust projects with a total scale of 6.351 billion yuan, which helped the two local state-owned enterprises in Beijing improve their liquidity and optimize their asset structure.Relevant personage introduces national trust, two rescue the trust plans of trust and property rights, the combination of the funds to play the trust both traditional fundraising functions, more highlights the trust their own professional asset management and service ability, in order to realize the support in the short term in the plight of high quality enterprise development, the feedback of the goal of economic construction.According to introducing, since early in 2020 in shandong province to complete the first domestic relying on judicial settlement program focus to resolve debt default risk of property trust projects, the national trust gradually formed the special, on site service, compliance and effective property rights trust business operation mode, based on the manager’s demand and the enterprise actual situation, the development of online business support system,Make full use of the resources and advantages accumulated in the traditional business field of trust to provide customers with comprehensive service programs to meet their deep needs.At present, as a single and joint trustee, the company has undertaken a series of property rights trust service projects of bankruptcy reorganization, including Tianjin Corporation, Zhongke Construction and so on, which have certain influence in the industry.Since 2018, the scale of assets under management in the trust industry has declined sharply in successive years until the end of 2021.In spite of the overall transformation and fluctuations of the industry and the regulatory requirements of “two pressures and one reduction”, the operating net profit of National Trust has maintained a continuous high growth, and service trust has become a key business area of the company at the strategic level.Exploration is still in the stage of development services such as trust property trust business, the trust business director, said zhang hai service trust easily ten year period and relatively low return rate service, trust business with the past “rapid spike” mechanization operation mode is completely different, “service trust we need to calm down and around the specific needs of the customer work.We believe that service trust is the business closest to the origin of trust, which is closer to the definition of asset management institution and relatively downplays the attributes of private equity investment bank.The future development of trust will not only rely on the flexibility of license, but also rely on the original characteristics of the system to form unique advantages different from other financial forms and provide good services.”Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: