Hong Kong media reported that Yang Mi’s ex-husband was worth more than 160 million yuan

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Hong Kong media said, Hawick Lau is now worth more than 100 million, because of its investment in real estate expertise.Since his debut, he has actively invested in real estate and bought many buildings and residences in Hong Kong. Now his wealth has exceeded 200 million Hong Kong dollars, which has already exceeded 160 million dollars when converted into RMB.We may be for Hawick Lau’s more labels are “domineer president”, “Yang Mi ex-husband”, these above, today we talk about the past of Hawick Lau.Hawker Lau was born in a family of performing arts, his father Liu Qingji, stage name Liu Dan was once a TVB gold supporting role, at that time by virtue of the 83 version of “Legend of the Conscript Heroes” Hong Qigong popular.According to incomplete statistics, Liu Dan is the actor who has played the north Gai Hong Qigong the most times.He reprised the classic role four times.His white hair, white beard, green shirt, green staff, kind and dignified image, the most popular.Liu Dan is originally from Weihai city in Shandong Province and moved to Hong Kong with his family when he was five.After graduating from middle school, a friend recommended him to become a sailor.Soon, bored by the “boating” life, he signed up for the cathay Film company’s training course, at the age of 24.Training class period, Liu Qingji with Wen Tianxiang “song of Integrity” “retain honest heart according to history”, changed a stage name called “Liu Dan” back to Hawick Lau, at the age of 14, followed his family to move to Canada.His father, Liu Dan, often left Canada for a long time because he was working on the film.The responsibility of education children, fell on the mother Li Fuying body.In order to be able to let Hawick Lau concentrate on his studies, Li Fuying did not even let him watch TV.Hawick Lau chose the Department of Architecture at Wyerson University in Canada.After going to university, Hawick Lau always feels his life is full of boring, and nothing can make him really happy.In the university years, in Hawick Lau’s words, “read in a muddle”.If it were not for the Whole Canadian Chinese singer competition, maybe there would be one less Hawick Lau in the entertainment circle and one more designer Liu in the architecture circle.This talent show, Hawick Lau won at one fell swoop, after the singing competition held and TVB relationship, so he followed his father’s path, entered the TVB artist training class study.Yang Mi’s childhood growth trajectory is very different with Hawick Lau.Born in Beijing nancheng Hutong, Yang Mi was very active since childhood. Later, she finally developed an interest in painting, but was opposed by her parents: “You want to be a painter in the future, it is easy to be starved to death!”At the age of 4, Yang Mi met a great opportunity and began to have a relationship with acting.At that time, the China Children’s Film Studio planned to open a training course for children’s film and television performance. Yang mi’s parents learned about it and sent her to have a try.Although Yang Mi was young at that time, but she was lovely and clever, or was admitted, began their own happy child star era.At the age of 4, Yang mi played princess Xian Yi in Tang Ming Huang (tang Ming Huang); at 5, she played Stephen Chow’s daughter in Wu Zhuangyuan Su Qi Er (Wu Zhuangyuan Su Qi Er); and at 6, she starred in The TV series Monkey Baby starring Liu Xiao Ling Tong.When Hawick Lau was in TVB, the mainland audience still did not know who was in the state of Hawick Lau, until a “Snow” starring, Hawick Lau also let everyone familiar.”Snow” in the TV series, Hawick Lau as the hero Mo Shaoqian, Ying as the heroine Tong Xue.Hawick lau’s acting is great, affectionate and overbearing, and he interprets Mo shaoqian’s love-hate relationship with Tong Xue well.He was a bully and had a lot of fans in his day.In both the novels and the TV series, many people are fascinated by Mo Shaoqian, especially in the TV series, too many people ignore what Mo shaoqian has done because of his face, and at the same time we can see mo Shaoqian’s real thoughts, so we like this man more.In essence, Mo shaoqian and Tong Xue are the same kind of people. They are both so kind that they can consider problems from the perspective of others.Mo Shaoqian, 18, will take the initiative to help his father run the company because he is alone, and Mo Shaoqian, 33, will delete and compensate the star Susan who is involved.Yang Mi said in an interview that she liked Hawick Lau because she felt his personality was peaceful and not irritable like herself.Hawick Lau really belongs to that kind of slow flow type, with stable acting as always to film, do not love hype and little marketing.There is no denying that Before his marriage to Yang Mi, Hawick Lau was quite popular and his career was at its peak, but after marriage, he chose to return to the family and take care of his daughter, Xiao Nuomi.Although she intends to continue her acting career after divorce, she rarely appears on the big screen and is occasionally mentioned because of her ex-husband’s status.Yang Mi has indeed become the “top flow” of domestic female stars, after so many things, Yang Mi is still in the prime of life.Yang Mi once said, “You may be helpless at a certain point in your life. When you don’t know what you should do, you will seize all possibilities. As long as you can give me one more chance to let others see me, I will do it.Yang Mi has almost experienced “big things” that can happen to ordinary people, but she is still very old, which is why Yang Mi puts other actresses in the dust.Now Hawick Lau is also trying his best to accompany his daughter, xiao Nuomi will be so close to her father.Because of his busy work, Hawick Lau can’t see his daughter very often.Liu Dan previously revealed that hawick lau not only put off a lot of work in advance this year, but also set aside three months of vacation in order to spend time with his daughter.Who keeps the money xiao Nuomi receives from her family and relatives every year?Liu Dan bluntly all to glutinous rice grandma, the latter in the bank specially opened an account for the granddaughter to save, to be grown up after I dominate.