Here is more beautiful than Lijiang, is the lowest ancient city in Yunnan, 2022 must come to clock

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Yunnan is really beautiful, except lijiang, there are many old buildings and cities in many places.This is an ancient city with a history of 1200 years, there are still more than 50 ancient buildings, especially the Zhu Garden here, known as the “Southern Yunnan grand View garden”, not lose Suzhou here certainly many people have not come, but it is the most beautiful yunnan last secret environment.It is probably the only living ancient city in China, and it is still inhabited by many people. It is really spectacular to take aerial photos of.Life here is consistent and full of life everywhere.The main scenic spots are Zhu Garden, chaoyang Building, Confucian Temple, examination shed and so on.Jianshui ancient City is more lively and commercial, tuanshan folk houses are more simple, each different, zhu Garden is worth clocked, chaoyang building is not worth buying a ticket upstairs.If you feel that there are too many people in Dali lijiang, you might as well change your destination and come to Jianshui Bar. There is a Confucian Temple which is second only to Qufu in size. There is a very large artificial pond in the courtyard.Built water’s finest architecture built the temple after the kunming, Dali, yunnan province third Confucius temple, is the largest and the nation’s second largest Confucius temple in yunnan, covers an area of 114 mu, is a large-scale buildings, one house, two rooms, 2 ancestral hall, 2, 5, 8, pattern similar to shandong qufu Confucian temple, general layout on the axisymmetric palatial.Located in the ancient city of Jianshui, jianshui Temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty with a history of more than 700 years. It has been expanded and repaired for more than 50 times in Ming, Qing, Republic of China and modern times, with a grand scale.Different from other Confucius temples, there is a middle school inside the Jianshui Temple — Jianshui No. 1 Middle School. The students can say that they really take Confucius as their teacher.It is said that in the past, the school and the Confucian Temple were interlinked. Students could play in the Confucian Temple after class, and many tourists could go to the Confucian Temple directly from the school without buying a ticket. Later, a gate was built to separate the two, so they could no longer communicate with each other.Recommended holidays when more people choose Confucian temple to wander, spacious than Zhu garden, so there is no Zhu garden crowded.Nowadays, there are still many Confucius temples scattered all over the country, such as Qufu Confucius Temple, Nanjing Confucius Temple, Beijing Confucius Temple, Wuwei Confucius Temple and so on are relatively famous temples dedicated to Confucius.When I came to Jianshui this time, I was shocked by its huge scale. The scale is huge.If you think Dali and Lijiang are too crowded with tourists and too commercialized, you can visit Jianshui, which is less than 200 kilometers away. If you visit Jianshui Ancient Town, you can visit Jianshui Confucian Temple, the second largest Confucian temple in China