Can you believe that A-a flares her muscles in front of her big-faced sister, and her big-faced sister falls in love?

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Everyone wants a good figure, but it is not easy to have a good figure, not only to have proper exercise, but also regular diet.One cannot be without the other.Today’s a decline of the unusual soze, face face you see me recently in the fitness dumbbells, you see me this strong muscles, and then directly a decline of the sleeve force, the lines and muscles immediately showed out, this is also too manly?But big face younger sister wonder how really have muscle ah?You this small body pole thin like bamboo pole, how can have muscle ah?At this time of the big face younger sister also attracted by the failure of muscle, also picked up the phone to photograph the failure, but seeing the failure in the back I just want to laugh, o original failure muscles is to use mineral water bottle caps traces out come of, really good fun at this time, failure also don’t forget to show off in an ostentatious manner, said that my arm muscles are just something, fierce also in other places?This is a small muscle, as for showing off in this way, I saw ah shuai in no hurry to pull up his clothes, look!Pointing to his abdominal muscles, big face sister saw, immediately fell in love with ah, can not help but sigh ah, six pack abdominal muscles!Big face younger sister is like muscle male ah!At this time, a classmate said ah, big face younger sister ah, you do not long brain ah?You can’t get abs out of a loser’s club for ten or eight years!And look at the color of his abs. How is that possible?Abs are red, so he called A-day to show us.At this time, big face younger sister also feel he said reasonable, big face younger sister feel very suspicious ah, and then suddenly a decline of the body dropped a thing ah, and then he said suddenly stomach pain, I want to go to the toilet ah.Originally from o failure fell off a piece of bread, the bread turned out to be his abs, this is your sister said angry is an outrage, should use bread as abs, harm I almost fell in love with, then his classmate say bread, I ah, don’t eat in the morning, just eat breakfast, on the side to see the failure of want to cry ah, said it was my breakfast,I didn’t eat either, and finally he said, no more puss.For more, check out this anime flavored salad dressing