Sky Sports news: Diaz is Liverpool’s first choice but the deal could fall through

2022-05-21 0 By

Sky Sports reporter Vinny O’Connor said: “Liverpool’s bid for Porto winger Luis Diaz is far from complete and is likely to come up empty.””However, Liverpool are considering a deal of €45m (£37m) plus a €15m bonus.””The prize money means he has to be a big success at Liverpool.Their view was that if it could be done for £37m, it would be a very good deal — very close to a Jota type of fee initially.””Diaz was klopp’s first choice this summer and the original plan was to wait until the summer.”The deal was accelerated because it was clear that if Liverpool had not made a move in this window, the player would have left and would not have turned up.In addition, the value of the deal is much higher than the original guaranteed price of 60 million euros, which was the original asking price.””It’s not done yet and it could fall apart – the player is in Argentina with his national team, which is far from easy.However, if it does get done, it will be a great coup for Liverpool director Julian Ward.”This is the first time Julien has been ahead of the game in a trade, but to be fair, he has had great support from Michael Edwards, who has developed a strategy to ensure this player is in this window, if it ever happens.”