Shaodong township sages have invested 350 million rural revitalization funds to boost rural prosperity

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Hunan Daily on February 13 – (all media reporter Zheng Danmei correspondent he Gongqiao Wu Duomei) Lunar New Year eve, Shaodong city Liuze town liangxing village first “xiang Xian Road” completed open to traffic, the road in Sichuan township Liu Haiguo donated more than 900,000 yuan to build.Liu Haiguo donated 2.5 million yuan nongjiale is also stepping up construction, the benefits of the village collective income.In order to play the role of bridge, think tank and example of township elites, and inject vitality into rural revitalization, Shaodong city gathers the strength of township elites to help rural revitalization through platform building, policy support, project attraction, and township sentiment appeal.The city drew a map of foreign talents, organized a series of activities, such as hometown trips and village talks, to close the emotional connection between villages and villagers, and gave full play to the role of local chambers of commerce and industry associations, and established organizations of villagers at all levels.At present, Shaodong has set up 606 liaison platforms at the city, township and village levels, and 36 liaison stations in cities such as Beijing and Kunming as well as Thailand and Laos.Under the promotion of Shaodong Municipal Party Committee and Shaodong Municipal Government, villages (communities) collected more than 5,500 items of project needs involving infrastructure construction, project construction and industrial development, established a database of rural revitalization projects for villagers, and opened an online platform, through which villagers can tailor customized projects.Shao Dong issued a list of 45 policies to support township elites, providing support in industrial development, infrastructure construction, financial services and other aspects.To establish a service system for township sages to solve the needs of living, education and living involved in village (community) work;Prepare to build a 30 million yuan xiangxian Promotion Foundation, excavate advanced xiangxian typical, create a strong atmosphere for the whole society to strive for xiangxian and build hometown together.Taking advantage of their own technology, capital and social network, they have supported rural revitalization and invested money and projects in characteristic agriculture, infrastructure improvement and industrial development.Liu Chunying, president of Thailand hunan Chamber of Commerce, led the village elites of the chamber of Commerce to devote themselves to the industrial development of their hometown, built 192 helping workshops, absorbed 5,791 people in employment, and let many villagers find jobs and increase their income at home.At present, the city has invested a total of 350 million yuan in rural revitalization funds.Among them, 120 million yuan was used for project construction, more than 100 million yuan for the development of 151 specialized agricultural cooperatives, and 213 bases for high-quality fruits, vegetables and Traditional Chinese medicine.Over 80 million yuan was used to improve rural infrastructure, and 35 million yuan was used to support public welfare programs.The practice was praised by the general Office of the provincial government.