Gu recalled how she made up her mind to challenge 1620 five minutes before the jump

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“I never challenged it, I never tried it, I made the decision in the last five minutes.”China’s Gu Ailing said in an interview after winning the first ever Olympic gold medal in women’s platform diving.Gu finished third in the first two rounds with 93.75 points in category A and 88.50 in Category B.After the second routine, Gu talked with her mother on the phone and told her to challenge her to do a routine that no girl had ever done before.”Mom said to stop and do a safe move.But I don’t think my race would be complete without doing mine. It’s not about beating the other skaters, it’s about skating to my best, so I want to try this new move whether I succeed or not.””For myself, the game is about letting the world see my condition.People say Gu is a gifted girl, but she knows how much she has paid.She trained every day, more than anyone else, even if one day she went home from an eight-hour shoot and trained for another two hours.Gu was moved by the gold medal, which made her feel that her years of hard work had paid off.Gu hugged the second – and third-place finishers, France’s Tess Loeder, who lost her father last year, and Switzerland’s Mathilde Gremaud, who made a mistake in the third move, as the three girls hugged each other.”Sports is really a way to bring people together.”Gu said.Photo: Visual China Editor: Shen Qiusha Responsible editor: Zhao Zhengnan * Wenhui exclusive manuscript, reproduced please indicate source.