County party secretary Ren Xianming to the county sen prevention to do guidance work

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On April 6, Ren Xianming, secretary of the county Party Committee and commander of the forest and grassland fire prevention and control Headquarters, went to the county forest and grassland fire prevention and control office on duty and presided over the county forest and grassland fire prevention and control office work, and put forward relevant requirements for the current forest and control work.Director of the standing Committee of the county people’s Congress, the headquarters of the first executive deputy commander, lead class county leader Hailenhu, county sen prevention refers to the office on duty leadership and all staff to attend.Ren Xianming pointed out that since October 2021 since its establishment, the county forest fire prevention headquarters office the county’s prevention refers to do all the staff role and responsible earnestly, seriously implement the central and provincial counties all policy decisions, and coordination to promote the member units, the villages and towns (street) to implement forest grassland fire prevention work, coordinate to solve the county forest steppe fire prevention work problems,The study and release of forest and grassland fire risk information and monitoring information, as well as the overall planning of meeting organization, supervision and inspection, collection of information, reporting information and other work, are of vital importance to the effective and orderly development of forest and grassland fire prevention and control work in the county and achieve phased results.Ren Xianming stressed the hope that all the staff can not because of the recent continuous rain will produce a loose loose, a rest of the thought, to strictly stick to the post, as a whole to do a good job of the work of the county forest prevention office.First, we should keep information unimpeded and do a good job in uploading and transferring information timely.Second, to normalize the daily scheduling, the township (street) “two points one sentinel” on duty, fire source control, mountain patrol and forest protection and other work carried out scheduling and scheduling records.Third, attention should be paid to the collection of relevant data and materials of forest prevention, and further standardized and improved.Fourth, we should supervise and supervise the construction of fire prevention infrastructure in all towns and townships (streets), supplement of fire fighting materials and equipment, and timely check and fill gaps.Fifth, we should strengthen the training and guidance of emergency drills for the three-level fire fighting teams of counties and villages, skillfully operate the equipment of “fighting with water”, and be prepared to fight hard battles and big fires.Sixth, the rectification work of the supervisory feedback problems should be done seriously by the inspection groups at all levels.Ren Xianming asked the county forest prevention office must firmly establish a sense of preventing and resolving major risks, always tense forest grassland fire prevention this string, with a high sense of responsibility, a sense of urgency and a sense of mission, as a whole do a good job of forest grassland fire prevention work, resolutely win the forest grassland fire prevention battle.Wen: Wang Honggui FengBaoZhen release authoritative information | concerned people’s hosting service | Johnson: the people’s livelihood dechang county committee propaganda department of the communist party of China