Cao PI’s Time: In the later period of Wei, the talented people were so luxurious that it didn’t matter to abolish Sima’s family

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The first two issues of the History of The Three Kingdoms 11 waves washed the sand MOD article, we checked the empress liu Chan period of Shu Han and Sun Quan in his later years of the Dongwu camp, can take over the banner of the father’s young talent is really very few.Looking at Cao PI, Cao Hiei and his son, their Kingdom of Wei was really going on forever!In fact, the essence of the reason why the balance of power between the three pillars was broken and unified in the later period was that the quantity and quality of the talents of The State of Wei kept very good, which gradually formed a crushing advantage in national strength.If one believes that sima Yi held the state of Wei together in the later period of cao Wei, he is really underestimating Wei.In this article, we completely ignore sima Yi and his family henchmen, excluding guo Huai, who was close to Sima Yi, and Deng Ai, Hao Zhao and Wang Chang, who were promoted by sima Yi.Even if only the inventory is completely loyal to cao’s young backbone generals, the following lineup is enough to make Kyushu.Sun Li (Tong 84, Wu 89, Zhi 61, Zheng 72, Mei 73) Shi A (Tong 71, Wu 93, Zhi 33, Zheng 13, Mei 54) The two representatives of the middle-aged military generals in the Cao wei camp during this period were Sun Li and Shi A respectively.Carreno is 11 gamers are familiar with the original reflection of fierce, he can get the special effects are not benefit from the achievements on the battlefield, but once cao 叡 out hunting horse tiger attacks, crisis selfless carreno expelled the tiger, cao 叡 concept carreno brave, and the esteem.The 11 wave sand MOD in the original fierce skills on the basis of the sun Li additional halberd soul, output power to the next level.The latter Shi a was a disciple of Wang Yue, the sword god of the Eastern Han Dynasty. He was also cao PI’s tutor in swordsmanship and the “emperor teacher” of the classics.Combo + swordsman’s special effect of superposition, unknowingly took the opposite enemy will be the head.Although Zhang Hu (Tong 85, Wu 80, Zhi 41, Zheng 44, Mei 61), Chen Tai (Tong 82, Wu 67, Zhi 82, Zheng 77, Mei 71), Xia Hou Ba (Tong 76, Wu 85, Zhi 74, Zheng 53, Mei 68) all have good fathers, they do not rely entirely on their fathers, and they have more or less developed several killer mace.Zhang Liao’s son Zhang Hu in the original Chronicles of The Three Kingdoms 11 is a whiteboard, the big wave sand MOD to add iron riding and galloping, 80’s force starting point is not low, is a future can be a fierce warrior.Chen Tai, son of Chen Qun, has a third skill slot that can light up the spear, which is also worth gaining more muscle.Xia Hou ba because of running fast enough, in the original game with a long drive, here to supplement the blood and fierce, don’t let him cast Shu Han and go.Zhuge Birthday (tong 82, Wu 68, zhi 76, Zheng 82, evil spirit 77) Wang Ji (Tong 81, Wu 83, zhi 76, Zheng 75, evil spirit 75) as early as in the original Three kingdoms 11 has been very like zhuge Birthday and Wang Ji these two roles, their ability is very comprehensive, and the adaptability of the arms is not serious biased.Zhuge’s new special effects are fame and surprise, the battle damage rate is further reduced, but also to help catch strong men at home.Wang Ji has the effect of being good at spear, and the energy consumption of spear fighting becomes less. He is the biggest one when Zhao Yun dies.Huan Fan (Tong 19, Wu 10, Zhi 78, Zheng 74, Mei 49) Xia Hou Xuan (Tong 50, Wu 36, Zhi 72, Zheng 92, Mei 62) stole Huan Fan from Da Si Nong Yin for Cao Shuang, and gained guidance on the basis of secret tactics. Players should learn from this lesson not to let him lead Cao Shuang and give him to other more promising people as a sparring partner.Xiahou xuan’s reform is really sweet, the surge effect is the second, every ten days to restore the action is precious ah.And then there’s the finale, which most people won’t guess is him, because you don’t really see it.Wang Shuang (Tong 66, Wu 95, Zhi 19, Zheng 22, Mei 27) Brute force fighter Wang Shuang, just looking at the three skills of fierce warrior, critical strike and valiant horse is not enough to overcome the public.The most critical strategic value is embedded in wang duo’s prop, the meteor hammer, which can be thrown as a hidden weapon in single combat mode, and the additional trapping ability is what makes it so interesting.Wu shu and the two countries this talent depression, and then wang Shuang personally caught a few fierce kill, the overall situation suddenly became no difficulty.Wang shuang wins the world, but what sima Yi ah!That’s all for the explanation of this issue, thank you for your long-term attention and support.