Three trends of the auto industry from the “March 15” auto show in Xinjiang

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Consumers experience the performance of a vehicle at the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center in Xinjiang, east China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, March 15, 2019.(Photo by Chen Yan, intern reporter zhang Xuhui) Urumqi Evening News (reporter Guo Ling) As the first activity of xinjiang automobile consumption promotion season, the “3·15” auto show will be held in Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 15 to 20.In well under the premise of normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, on a total of 80 famous auto exhibitors at the motor show, the total area of 100000 square meters, more than thousand cars on display, including the starting car 60, highlights the depth of the auto industry transformation, new energy, intelligent and made to accelerate the development trends were fully reflected.”Hey NOMI, open the car window.”As the driver’s voice dropped, all the Windows opened slowly.This is the intelligent voice recognition system in NIO’s flagship SUV ES8, which allows owners to control intelligent devices in the car by voice.At this auto show, “intelligent” has become a new engine for the development of automobile enterprises, and “no intelligent technology” has become the focus of competition between automobile enterprises.”I started to feel the power of technology as soon as I got in the car.”Consumer Li Yiman said, she opened the door to sit in, feel the seat slowly adjusted to a more comfortable height, while the steering wheel will be adjusted to the appropriate height, the car configuration of wireless charging, intelligent central control screen, etc., all highlight the characteristics of intelligent trendy.The new AITO M5 also appeared at the auto show.Zhao Ming, an experience consultant, said the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit will enable a more comfortable interaction experience, easier access to content, cross-device connectivity and control capabilities, especially the flagship four-wheel-drive version with a 4.4 second 100 km acceleration.”Last year, we sold more than 100 SF5 models in Xinjiang, and this year there are only more new models.”Zao Ming said.In addition to being more intelligent, more and more car companies flood into business areas and open experience stores, so that consumers have diversified access to car brands.Pure fuel cars were fewer and fewer at the show, where more than 60 new models were unveiled.The gaC Trumpchi GS8, beloved by local consumers, has launched its second-generation, two-engine model.”The new GS8 provides consumers with a choice of fuel version and hybrid version. The price range is between 100,000 yuan and 240,000 yuan.Xinjiang Tianhui Huasen auto sales and Service Co., LTD., general manager Jiao Lili said.Gac Aeon brought four new models, with prices ranging from 110,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan.This is gaC Eon’s first appearance in Xinjiang, the sales company just established in January is also the first store in Xinjiang.The concept of low-carbon environmental protection has gradually gained popularity and become the main reason to promote consumers to buy new energy vehicles.At this auto show, FAW, SAIC, GAC, Dongfeng, Changan, etc., successively showed the layout of pure electric high-end field.Automobile consumption is becoming more and more personalized. Saic Volkswagen ID.3, rounded curve Outlines the lovely front face modeling, is loved by many female consumers.At the scene of the auto show, Euler, Chery and other small electric vehicles launched animation modeling attracted countless little sister clock.In addition, Buick Verang Pro human version of the chariot, dolphin e-sports co-create version, Chery QQ ice cream boundless version are customized for the personalized needs of young consumers.Similarly, in the trend of consumption upgrading, enjoyment and quality have become the key words for more and more consumers to buy cars.Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Maserati, Cadillac and so on, all bring new models and hot models to the show.The “troika” of adventurers, navigators and aviators brought by The Lincoln SUV, as well as the new Lincoln Z, are closer to the younger customer group.Sun Yucheng, a sales manager at The Xinjiang Huachang Lincoln Center, said the “100-plus sales in a single month” shows that local consumers’ demand for mid-to-high-end models continues to grow.