Shandong XX biological anticorrosion construction matters needing attention

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One, the construction location: shandong dongying technical support: Ma Changchun time: four March 02, 2022, the scene: workshop steel structure corrosion is serious, severe corrosion four concrete enclosures, construction technology choice: steel structure workshop: sandblasting – clean – two times 441 heavy corrosion resistant coatings (per time interval more than six hours) concrete fence:Remove foreign bodies such as glass fiber cloth – overall polishing to remove weathering/corrosion of the base material – clean – batch coating 6900 putty coating -8050 surface coating (each time interval of more than 6 hours) five, the base material treatment standard: metal part: sandblasting to remove rust layer, paint layer, metal completely exposed concrete wall part:1, three types of models do not make a mistake, can not be mixed, 441A and 441B for a set;8050A and 8050B;6900A and 6900B;Never go with 8050B or 6900B like 441A;2, the rainy day can’t construction, there is water on steel and concrete can’t construction 3, is about to rain also can’t, after the injection is less guarantee 6 hours not rain 4, 6900, 8050 and 441 are for no solvent heavy corrosion resistant coatings, the proportion is very important, serious according to weight ratio, using high precision electronic weigh, 441 for four;6900 was 4:1;8050 is 3.6:1.5, thinner use: all paint can be used without thinner, considering individual construction equipment, 441 can be added 10% ethyl acetate as a thinner (can only use ethyl acetate, up to 10%), 8050 and 6900 can not add any thinner directly in accordance with the proportion of construction requirements.6. After metal construction, the paint film thickness shall be above 120um;The paint film thickness of the concrete concrete wall shall be more than 1500um after construction.7, the metal part less use as far as possible do not use rust conversion coating, the best use of sandblasting as a pretreatment, the lowest use of grinding.Dino New Materials (Jiangsu) Co., LTD. March 2002