New urbanization in Pingtang County enters “fast lane”

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It is the most beautiful April day in the world. When you walk into Pingtang County, you will find spacious and tidy streets criss-crossing, elegant and chic residential communities with perfect facilities, row upon row of bustling commercial blocks, and pleasant ecological parks…In recent years, Pingtang County grasp planning, heavy investment, multiple measures to promote the construction of new urbanization, promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, promote the construction of new urbanization into the fast lane.Pingtang County city new district live and work in peace and happiness.This is pingtang County Golden basin street emerging community people’s life true portraiture.”Live in a new house, take a bride, move to another place to help;Move poor nest, change poor industry, happy life million old.”It’s a catchy catchphrase among the residents of the boomtown.What was once a grassy beach has now become a community of people and steady business.Xinxing Community is pingtang County for the poor relocation of the community carefully built, concentrated resettlement of 7,714 people moved out of the mountains.PingTang county in recent years, based on community convenient traffic location advantage and sufficient labor resources, the introduction of a number of labor-intensive enterprises, the construction of a rational layout, perfect functions, facilities of poverty alleviation workshop, more than 900 jobs, can help move more than 300 people a year to work, to move the masses has realized from the field to the transition of the workshop, from farmers to workers.Beautiful new community spring is beautiful, a flickering yellow facade of the building neat and beautiful, the street facade are hung shop signs, life supermarket, restaurants, hardware stores, express company people coming and going.These great changes benefit from the new urbanization construction and development of Pingtang County in recent years.In pingtang county art national craft industry co., Ltd. poverty alleviation workshop, the workers buried their heads, busy with their work.”Our factory can provide nearly 60 jobs for the relocated people, so far there are more than 30 people working in the factory, the salary is calculated according to the piece, the highest monthly salary of workers can reach more than 5,000 yuan, the monthly production of nearly 90,000 products, annual output can reach more than 1 million yuan.”Factory director Zhou Yongchun said.Since moving to the xinxing community, Long Deli and her family have responded to the government’s call to plant trees on all the land they moved to, and they can receive more than 1,000 yuan of compensation for returning farmland to forest and public ecological forest every year.Longdeli in the community factory workshop to work, its mother also became a community cleaner, every month both have a fixed salary, the family life is more and more happy.”My family lives just above the factory. It’s convenient for me to commute to work every day and take good care of my children. With a salary of 3,000 yuan a month, I feel better than going to work outside.”Rondre said happily.Like Long Deli, during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, 22,800 people living deep in the mountains in Pingtang County moved into cities and towns, turning farmers into citizens and leading a good life.Pingtang county xinzhou farmers market, vegetables are very fresh, complete agricultural goods, functional zoning perfect, clean and tidy.The market is a comprehensive ecological market under the new urbanization plan of Pingtang County, covering an area of nearly 6,000 square meters, with 192 stalls and 72 shops.According to different business scope, the whole market is divided into 14 areas such as vegetables, aquatic products and live poultry, with food street, fruit kiosk, toilet, parking space and 15-meter wide road, which greatly facilitates market operation and management and improves customer shopping experience.”The inside of the market is very clean and tidy. The vegetables are fresh. You can buy anything you want.”The masses shi Jinping said with great satisfaction.Is responsible for the farmer’s market of property management DouYun city star realty service co., LTD PingTang county branch director still beauty said to the reporter: “xinzhou farmers market both hardware facilities and management system of the first-tier cities of the farmer’s market, to better serve the surrounding crowd, let the market prosperity, to manage an enriched, let common people have more sense.”In recent years, Pingtang County around the “four reform”, urban construction, urban governance three aspects to accelerate the pace of urban infrastructure construction, plan to by the end of 2022, complete the transformation of 300 shantytowns, the transformation of 2152 old residential areas, the transformation of 10 back streets and alleys, benefiting about 12,000 people,Seven kilometers of underground pipe networks were laid, 260,000 square meters of real estate were developed, 2,000 square meters of pavement boards were repaired and upgraded, and more than 1,880 parking Spaces were added, greatly increasing the carrying capacity of cities, continuously optimizing urban functions, and making cities both attractive and high-quality.North street old community resident Xu Keping old man happily said: “our community has been transformed very beautiful, planning parking lines, cars put neatly;The tiles on the exterior walls have been replaced with paint, so it is safer for children to play here. Everyone is satisfied and everyone loves it.”Wu Zesheng, deputy director of The Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Pingtang County, said: “Pingtang County has always been guided by high-quality development, centered on the construction of a new type of people-centered urbanization, and has constantly accelerated the improvement of infrastructure weaknesses and enhanced urban functions.By 2025, the county will increase the number of permanent urban residents by 60,000, the urbanization rate of permanent urban residents will reach about 62%, the urban area of the county will reach 13 square kilometers, and the population will be more than 100,000, which will further enhance the people’s satisfaction and sense of gain.”Pingtang County Rong Media Center reporter: Li Qiming (intern) Liao Yuqi