Neutrality deteriorates rapidly!”This would not have happened if I had been in power,” said Lithuania’s former prime minister

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During this period of time, the Taiwan issue has attracted extensive attention both at home and abroad.The main reason for this situation is that a few Western countries try to use it to provoke and put pressure on China.Lithuania is also a typical example, but because of this, the diplomatic relations between the two countries have declined significantly, and Lithuania itself is also under great pressure in the fields of economy and trade due to this unfavorable situation.At such a critical moment, the former Lithuanian Prime minister also expressed his opinion and strongly condemned the actions of the Lithuanian government.In a previous interview, former Lithuanian Prime Minister Viktor Skwernelis stressed that the current Lithuanian government has shown a very clear determination through tough actions and will not easily change its current position, according to Lithuanian state radio.Such a situation also fully demonstrated that the rulers completely ignored the economic interests of the country, which also brought huge economic losses to Lithuania as a whole.Skwerneris also stressed that for many companies, it will be difficult to find a new market to replace China after losing it.Even though The Lithuanian Ministry of Economy and Innovation has made it clear that it will provide financial assistance measures, it does not think that those enterprises that suffer heavy losses will be able to receive this assistance.Moreover, Mr Skwerneris says he would never have allowed this to happen if he were still in charge.Now Lithuania has become less attractive for foreign investment because of the obvious decline in the neutral relations between the two countries. Investment there will face many unstable factors.Mr Skwerneris stresses that this factor influences the decisions of many overseas investors as well as local ones.In fact, despite the actions of the current Lithuanian government, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Landzberges submitted a plan to change the name of the so-called “Taiwan Representative Office” in order to ease relations between the neutral countries.The plan is now being discussed and considered by the government.During the interview, Mr Skwerneris was also asked how he would handle the situation if he were in charge.He gave a clear answer that such extremes would not have occurred in the first place under his own presidency.The Lithuanian government’s extreme measures have also been condemned by its domestic opposition, with some saying that in order to defuse the current situation, the Lithuanian foreign minister should resign to appease China’s “anger”.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu