Hengrong Huibin won the honor of “Annual Influential Brand” in the Global Public Welfare Festival

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The 2021 Global Tide Public Welfare Ceremony hosted by the World Wide Web was held in Beijing.With years of deep cultivation in the insurance agency service field and achievements in technological innovation and service innovation enabling ecological operation, Hengrong Huibin was awarded the “Annual Influence Brand”, fully demonstrating the industry’s recognition and recognition of hengrong Huibin’s comprehensive strength and industry influence.Heng rong hui bin is in 2021 the tide of public festival “brand influence of the year” award at the conference brought together many industry higher-ups, public institutions, the tide brand, by a industry awards, solidarity and social strength, dig new consumption potential, strengthen the domestic brand awareness, help the Chinese rise, hand in hand to go on to a better life.With the continuous optimization of China’s economic structure, consumption has increasingly become the main engine of domestic economic growth, and the whole market has gradually taken on new characteristics.On the one hand, scientific and technological innovation has brought new changes. Empowered by innovative technologies such as 5G, big data and artificial intelligence, the production, distribution and sales of goods have been greatly upgraded, the business structure and ecosystem have been vigorously reshaped, and the new upgrading of highly digital consumption has begun.On the other hand, COVID-19 has given a profound baptism to the public’s concept of health, and consumers’ awareness of health has begun to rise to a new level, and they are increasingly willing to actively strengthen their own health management.Seeking healthy lifestyle and living habits has become the main appeal of consumers, and they have a new understanding of insurance, and health consumption and high-quality consumption have become the mainstream consumption trend.According to the 14th Five-Year Plan, “We should follow the trend of upgrading people’s consumption, combine the expansion of consumption with the improvement of people’s quality of life, promote green, healthy and safe consumption, and steadily raise people’s consumption level.”Therefore, under the opportunity of policy, green consumption and healthy consumption will become the main track of consumption upgrading in the future.With the booming development of digital economy, the whole market continues to expand. In this context, how to meet the growing consumer demand of the masses while promoting consumption upgrading and achieve a win-win situation for producers and consumers has become the key for enterprises to seize the initiative in the future development.Under the tide of The Times, a group of cutting-edge enterprises began to “break cocoon into butterfly”, among the leaders of their respective industries, Hengrong Huibin is one of them.Based on the new consumption era, Hengrong Huibin forward-looking insight into the latest trend of the insurance market, on the one hand, aware of the era of national health, the public health concept continues to improve, strengthen their own health management awareness is looming;On the one hand, digital technology drives the deepening of insurance coverage, and the digital transformation of the industry is imperative.In order to keep pace with The Times and improve the quality and efficiency of services, Hengrong Huibin adheres to its own advantages to create life-cycle insurance agency services and constantly meet people’s needs for life and health protection.At the same time, Hengrong Huobin continues to empower insurance services with science and technology, continuously expand the application of technology, and build a new ecosystem of online insurance agency services for the whole process, so as to meet the needs of customers for multi-scene, multi-format and multi-channel services and help the transformation and upgrading of the insurance industry.”The vast development space and huge potential energy of the new consumer market give Hengrong Huibin the conditions and confidence for rapid growth.Digital technologies such as Internet, 5G, cloud computing and artificial intelligence have greatly expanded the boundary of insurance services and added momentum to the development of financial institutions. Hengrong Huobin is deeply aware of the significance of technology enabling financial services, so as to continuously grasp the changing trend of The Times and promote self-growth and transcendence.In the future, Hengrong Huibin will continue to be innovation-oriented and technology-driven, polish its inner core capabilities, improve operational efficiency, and provide users with more diversified and personalized products and services.”Heng Rong Hui Bin related person in charge said.Heng rong hui bin is represented the tide of public festival 2021 and awarded prizes as a reliable insurance agencies, heng rong hui bin since its establishment will stick to the “customer as the center” the service idea, by constantly enrich product matrix, the insurance agent to provide multi-dimensional and three-dimensional consulting and personalized configuration of insurance agency services,We will strive to comprehensively improve our service capacity, and better serve the real economy and benefit all people through high-quality development.In the future, Hengrong Huibin will continue to move forward with determination, turn honor into power, use digital engine to improve service quality, and strive to create more efficient, warm and valuable insurance agency service experience for customers.