China women’s football team tomorrow night decisive battle South Korea, Wang Frost is expected to be strong comeback

2022-05-20 0 By

On February 3, The Chinese women’s football team defeated Japan with their unyielding “spirit of women’s football”, giving fans a big gift in the Spring Festival.After a short rest, The Chinese women’s football team will meet the final match of the Asian Cup against South Korea at the DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai at 19:00 on February 6th, Beijing time.It will be decided tomorrow whether the Chinese women’s football team can win the Asian Cup for the first time in 16 years.In the FIFA world rankings, The Korean women’s soccer team ranked 18th and China 19th, respectively.Wang shuang scored a goal for China to beat South Korea 2-1 in last year’s Preliminary round and the South Korean women’s soccer team is preparing for another tough final.This is the first time the South Koreans have reached the final of the Women’s Asian Cup since it was first held in 1975, but they are a formidable force. They beat Vietnam and Myanmar 3-0 and 2-0 in the group stage, and tied Japan in the final group stage to finish second in the group on goal difference.The Australian women’s football team, the knockout favourites, advanced to the quarter-finals before easily beating the Philippines 2-0.Remarkably, and the Chinese women’s team’s star king cream similar to that of south Korean women’s football ace – known as the “macy” pool laugh but has scored four goals in the Asian cup, while the king frost and vian, and it is the played for the Chelsea striker with a foot perfect world wave, horrendous Australia will be strong.”We have to be ready for this game, mentally and physically.The players have to believe in themselves and have confidence in the game.”At the pre-match press conference, coach Shui Qingxia repeatedly stressed the importance of confidence.Fortunately, confidence was high after China’s victory over Japan, and Li Ying posted a video of the locker room after the match on social media, at the end of which the girls chanted, “Beat South Korea!”At the same time, the Chinese women’s football team has won 30 wins, 6 draws and 7 losses in 43 historical matches between South Korea and China.It seems that the most important thing for The Chinese women’s soccer team to consider before the match is their physical fitness after a tough 120-minute match against Japan, and the South Korean women’s soccer team, the first semifinalist, had an extra day off.As the former dominant team in the Asian Cup, The Chinese women’s football team hopes to defend its glory with victory.As the soul of Chinese women’s football team, her starting will greatly increase the team’s probability of winning. Just like what she said, you can always believe in Chinese women’s football team, and we can always believe in Wang Shuang!This game is expected to start goalkeepers – Zhu Yu defenders – Yao Wei, Ma Jun, Wang Xiaoxue, Lou Jiahui midfield – Zhang Xin, Yao Linwei, Zhang Linyan forward – Wang Shuang, Tang Jiali, Wang Shanshan article/Hubei Daily reporter Hu Yuwei photo/Weibo, Xinhua News Agency