Yuan Tiangang knowledge of human art: “Wang” character to a pen is what the word, the first answer to think of hidden personality

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Nowadays, science and technology make our life more convenient, and many things that seemed impossible in ancient times have become reality. However, in the 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture, there are always some cultures that cannot be explained by science, among which the most widely known culture is the physiognomy of reading people and telling fortunes.Speaking of xiangshu culture, the content involved is very extensive, the future fate, moving, promotion, weddings and funerals are difficult to be separated from xiangshu.The hero we are going to talk about today is Yuan Tiangang, a great man with the ability to tell people’s fortune. In history, he was praised as the man of God in the Tang Dynasty, and his knack of telling people’s fortune is a reflection of his wisdom in life.Yuan Tiangang was neither the earliest inventor nor the last user of physiognomy, but he was the most famous fortune-teller in Chinese history. His “Pushing back Tu” promoted him to the altar and became the rule of his life for joining the court.Early years as an officer in the sui dynasty yuan highest day early showed his fortune is man’s prowess, especially in a conversation with friends party, especially for Du Yan, wang, WeiTing three political career made predictions, and said that although the three people will be better in the future, only to undergo a major hardships.After suffering, smooth sailing, smooth official career, sure enough, not a few years later, three people in their own good at the field have achieved their own career.After entering tang dynasty however three people because of the relationship with Li Jiancheng very close, also suffer implicated, the status has been reduced.However, after the Xuanwu Gate incident, Du Yan, Wang GUI, and Wei Ting were recalled by Li Shimin, which confirmed Yuan Tiangang’s prediction once again. The three men’s political careers were at yuan Tiangang’s mercy like a roller coaster.Not only such, yuen plough with a small fortune is three circles but also attracted the emperor taizong account, when the king of the country know his hands with such means to have a fortuneteller, both surprised and happy, and yuan highest day before on account of Zhang Xingcheng, Ma Zhou when the prime minister’s prediction is to let on account of the prime minister of convinced.So, yuan plough with own specialty skill, not only successfully snare to Du Yan, and WeiTing, three small circle, but also as a springboard to success the emperor taizong account co-opted as a political guarantee, the last is the development of Zhang Xingcheng such yu bing will flow, expansion of himself at the king’s power, let his position was secure.It was heard that Yuan Tiangang had special attainments in fortunetelling, and many of the founding ministers offered high prices to invite Yuan Tiangang to look at feng shui for their family.The warrior 彟 is no exception. He chooses the right day to invite Yuan Tiangang into his home to take a look at his children. The first two sons and the eldest daughter are ordinary, until he sees the second daughter of the warrior 彟, and Yuan Tiangang is frightened.He immediately arranged his clothes and bowed down in worship, saying that the girl’s red eyebrows and phoenix eyes would surely be a rich and powerful person in the future. Perhaps at that time, yuan Tiangang’s words were absolutely ridiculous. After all, all the emperors in all dynasties were male without exception.The warriors 彟 and his wife also laughed and dismissed yuan tiangang’s joke, but decades later the girl became the only female emperor in history, Wu Zetian.Although fortune-telling and feng shui were highly advanced by the Tang Dynasty, most of the sorcerers of the time had their own method of fortune-telling, using Chinese characters.The Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and has a long history. The evolution of Chinese characters has gone through thousands of years, from Oracle bone script to regular script, small seal script, and then traditional character, and now to modern simplified character. The evolution of each Chinese character reflects the wisdom of the ancients.Take the word wood for example, add a stroke can become Ben, can also be heaven, skill, and wood minus a stroke is big, can also be talent.In terms of ancient pictographic Chinese characters, the variety of Chinese characters is especially unpredictable. The charlatans invented their own fortune-telling theory with the increase and decrease of Chinese strokes, which was also called fold-word fortune-telling by the people at that time. Different fortune-tellers have their own fortune-telling prototypes.Yuan Tiangang, who had been in the imperial family for a long time, also chose his own primitive character, wang, by judging his future fate and even life and death by the increase and decrease of his strokes and the strength of his strokes.King word apart maybe a lot of people will have doubts, yuan highest day why choose this word as a king and dismantling the Chinese fortunetelling is people’s also less strokes first of all, the king word, popularize knowledge degree is high, even illiterate idea the word to the king, after all, in the feudal imperial rule, the king of the word is known by most people.In addition, the writing of the king in each dynasty and each generation has a relatively small range of changes. Compared with the great changes in the writing strokes of some characters, the simplicity and clarity of the king are not available in other Chinese characters.And when Yuan Tiangang told people’s fortunes, he often asked what character would become if Wang removed a stroke.For the phase, the word wang removed nothing more than four words, the first is soil.First reaction is to soil are most steadfast work, unknown, the word and humble, but it is never a root to silence, the talent of selfless dedication for each country running steadily, and word choice soil more when you’re good to others, also won’t give others dig ring set, interpersonal relationship is also very good.In addition to soil and dry, can see from the shape, the first reaction is dry people are more unstable foundation, have rich imagination and practical sex, but often said more than do, lack of perseverance patience, this kind of people most of the time work is three minutes hot.However, this kind of people are full of energy, with a very fierce vision and forward-looking, as long as it is their own decision will always rush to the front regardless of personal danger.The third word is three, apart from the middle of this vertical also seems to have lost the backbone of life, not only appears to do things without rules, pompous and loose, but also with the change of the outside world and constantly swaying in the wind.The last word is “work”. Most people who choose to work are upright, with straight backbones and indomitable personality. They do not rely on power, but work steadfastly with their own ability.With the progress of The Times, feng shui scholars including feng shui academics have been gradually abandoned by The Times, but even so, we can still see the shadow of feng shui in today’s weddings and funerals, moving and having children. It is not so much people’s trust in the feudal academic, but their reverence for feng shui customs.As for historical gods like Yuan Tiangang, their ability to tell people’s fortunes was more or less exaggerated or fabricated by the writers.Even in ancient times, there was no lack of crafty sycophants who took the opportunity to collect money and defraude property by feng shui academic grounds, but the creation and use of all things are mostly more beneficial than harmful, I still believe that physiognomy has its own unquestionable connotation philosophy.