Which places of “civilized practice” need standard volunteer service?

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March is the month of volunteer service to learn from Lei Feng. In the process of civilized city creation, volunteer service plays an important role whether in the busy main traffic intersections, pleasant parks and scenic spots or in the government service hall for business……Comb can be found at the request of establishing national civilized city is involved in voluntary service car to car to the crossroads The figure of civilization traffic allure member Active in city traffic intersection Discourage uncivilized behavior Help the citizens to obey the traffic rules Also set up the urban traffic civilization scenery line The crowded trafficWhether the subway and bus station or high MTR station Need to set up a volunteer service desk Volunteers to guide passengers were waiting in line, the car of civilization, in turn is getting more agreeable public square park Park set up a volunteer service station Set up the compassion for the convenience of service stations Volunteers have long-term effective persuasion and civilization, promotion of cultural tourism destinationsSet up civilized scenic spot tourism volunteer service desk Need someone to guide tourists have hills, civilization tourism Volunteer service activities on a regular basis The market quotient of everyday life over with volunteer service desk Equipped with an umbrella, for the convenience of medicine box water dispensers, wheelchair, glass, and with a love seat logo convenient service facilities About health hospital The hall set up a volunteer service deskIn the government hall, volunteer service posts and volunteer work are carried out regularly and signs are worn. There are service records and perfect convenient service system. The publicity rack in the rest area is placed with citizen civilization manual and city creation publicity foldingThere are also medical supermarkets on the doorstep of property banking securities insurance and mobile telecommunications and other communication halls……In creating a national civilized city volunteer work of the job are important testing point volunteer services to establish and perfect a city represents the humanized service there is no end in the temperature of the volunteer service For city or personal is a long time for work unremitting career source 1 edit | | civilization XingWenJing Review | Xu Xin flowersHuang Haiben