Urgent reminder!Heavy rain and snow + return peak

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Annual fifth (5 February) to the seventh of the Middle East will appear in our country since the year of the tiger the rain and snow weather process has the largest range, scale rain snow complex phase behavior, local has the characteristic of freezing rain impact will spread to more than 20 provinces a wide range of rain and snow cover parts of more than 20 provinces have big central meteorological station is expected to blizzard, February 5 solstice 7,There will be a wide range of rain and snow in northwest China, west of North China, west and south of Huang-Huai River and most areas south of it. The line of rain and snow will be located in northern Yunnan, southern Guizhou, west and north of Jiangnan.Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui and other parts of the region will have heavy snowfall, jiangnan, South China will have moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain.There was freezing rain in eastern Guizhou and western Hunan.In addition, the purple range appeared on the forecast chart on May 5, mainly concentrated in southeast Xizang, indicating that there will be a heavy snowstorm (20-25 mm) in the local area, reminding the above areas to strengthen prevention of heavy snowfall and snow on transportation, production and life, livestock and other adverse effects.This is the central Meteorological Station changed the color standard card of the legend, and changed the color of heavy snowstorm and heavy snowstorm from the previous dark gray and black to the current purple, in order to better distinguish them.Under the influence of the rain and snow weather, the highest temperature in most parts of China is expected to be less than 15 degrees Celsius around 8 days, except in southern China and most of Yunnan.In southern China, such as northern Guizhou, central Hunan, western Hubei and western Zhejiang, the highest temperature may be less than 5℃.The maximum temperature in most of northern China was less than 10℃, especially in the northern part of Northeast China, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, northern Xinjiang, most of Ningxia and most of Gansu, where the maximum temperature hovered around the freezing point, the weather was relatively cold.Wang Weiyue, a weather analyst at The China Weather Network, suggested that the public should keep warm during the cold, rainy and snowy weather in southern China.At the same time, the upcoming large-scale rain and snow weather process in central and eastern China overlaps with the Spring Festival return peak, so the public should pay attention to the weather change on the way back to prevent the adverse effects of slippery roads, snow, ice and other adverse effects.From today to 7th, there will be a rain and snow weather process in most parts of Shaanxi province affected by the eastward movement of plateau trough. From February 5th to 7th, there will be a rain and snow weather process in most parts of Shaanxi Province, with small to medium snow in most parts of Northern Shaanxi, and sleet or medium to heavy snow in Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi.There will be a large area of light rain and snow in our province from February 10 to 11.February 5: western and southern Guanzhong have sleet or light snow (0 ~ 2 mm), Hanzhong, Ankang have light rain or sleet (0 ~ 5 mm), Shangluo overcast to small to medium snow (0 ~ 4 mm), Qinba mountains have medium snow (2 ~ 4 mm), local snow (3 ~ 6 mm).Shangluo and Qinba mountains added snow depth of 1 ~ 2 cm.Most of southern Shaanxi down 4-6℃.February 6: Yulin south, Yan ‘an has small to medium snow (0 ~ 4 mm), guanzhong, southern Shaanxi has medium to heavy snow or sleet (4 ~ 8 mm), Qinba mountains have heavy snow (6 ~ 10 mm), local blizzard (10 ~ 13 mm).Northern Shaanxi new snow depth 0 ~ 3 cm, guanzhong most, southern Shaanxi new snow depth 1 ~ 4 cm, Qinba mountain new snow depth 2 ~ 8 cm.February 7: most of northern Shaanxi, western Guanzhong, southern Shaanxi light snow (0 ~ 2 mm), scattered light snow in eastern Guanzhong overcast day.Northern Shaanxi, western Guanzhong, southern Shaanxi new snow depth of 0 ~ 1 cm.In addition, during the rain and snow in the southern and southern areas of Yulin in Our province, visibility is low, especially in the morning of 6th to 7th, the visibility of some places is less than 500 meters.The meteorological conditions of air pollution in most of the province were good from 5th to 6th, and the meteorological conditions of air pollution in Guanzhong area were slightly worse on 7th.Late 8-10, northern Shaanxi, Guanzhong cloudy, southern Shaanxi overcast, the south of the weak rain and snow weather.Weather today during the day: in the province province cloudy, northern shaanxi west local have scattered light snow (0 ~ 1 mm), in western guanzhong and southern light snow or sleet (0 ~ 2 mm), hanzhong, ankang is rain or sleet (0 ~ 5 mm), there is light snow (0 ~ 2 mm), shangluo parts of qinba mountains have moderate snow (2 ~ 4 mm).Most of southern Shaanxi down about 4℃.Weather in Xi ‘an Today daytime: cloudy.Tonight: Cloudy with sleet or light snow.Maximum temperature: 3℃, minimum temperature: 0℃, wind direction: southwest wind, wind force 2.Tomorrow: Overcast with light to moderate snow.Shaanxi Transportation 12122 predicted that the peak traffic flow of the road network during the festival is expected to appear on February 6 (the sixth day). The exit flow of the province’s expressway toll stations is expected to reach 1.15 million vehicles, 1.1 times that of the normal day (after the festival). Hanzhong Vehicle Service section opens multiple buses to facilitate the Spring Festival travel and return, Hanzhong Vehicle service section is striving for transport capacity support.On the basis of the map set train, xi ‘an-Chengdu high-speed railway and general speed add many passenger cars.From Today (February 5) to February 21, Hanzhong station every other day to Suzhou K1322 train, through Nanjing, Changzhou, Wuxi and other stations.Hanzhong station 10:20 departure.Hanzhong to Luoyang, 8361/4, 8363/2 times.Hanzhong leaves at 7:00, Yangpingguan 8:36/9:00, Luyang 10:21;Return trip 8363: Departure from Luyang 11:22, Yangpingguan 12:43/13:03, Hanzhong Station 14:50.West Chengdu high-speed rail: Hanzhong to Xi ‘an North C9352 7:35 hanzhong start, C9364 11:47 Hanzhong start, C9368 times 14:36 Hanzhong start, C9372 times 18:47 Hanzhong start, C9374 20:47 Hanzhong start;D9382 11:35 hanzhong departure, D9384 21:12 Hanzhong departure.Ningqiang South to Xi ‘an C9360 9:37 ningqiang South start, C9370 16:21 Ningqiang South start.Xi ‘an North Passenger Station prompts wechat to buy tickets for North Passenger Station Wechat – service – travel service or train tickets, tickets can be purchased from this station.If you can’t find a flight, you don’t have a ticket.Source: Shaanxi Meteorology, Xi ‘an Meteorology, Shaanxi Transportation 12122 West Railway Information, Xi ‘an North Passenger StationMaja 1018 Shaanxi Broadcasting News has entered the following platforms, such as Douyin, Video, Kuaishou, Sina Weibo, Toutiao, Dragonfly FM, Penguin FM, Himalaya FM, etc