The temperature plummets!Kaiyuan, hurry to clean the long Johns out

2022-05-19 0 By

In recent days the spring breeze sends warm sunshine to often accompany you I left and right sides open far temperature already in 20℃ above that call a warmth that call a comfortable small beautiful colleague to wear short sleeve clear goose “cliff type drops in temperature” attack!According to the forecast of the meteorological department, kaiyuan will be affected by strong cold air and the southern branch trough, from The night of February 19 to 23, there will be a continuous cold wave weather in Kaiyuan, with the temperature dropping sharply and accompanied by freezing rain and snow.The coldest period will occur on 20th to 22nd, with light rain in most areas. The maximum temperature will drop by 10 to 15℃, and the minimum temperature will be below 5℃.Light snow, sleet and icing at higher elevations, with minimum temperatures below 0 ° C.Frost is expected at higher elevations after clearing.Low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather will have a great impact on agriculture, animal husbandry, transportation, power and other industries, so it is necessary to take preventive measures in advance.The specific weather conditions are as follows: 1, the next 24 hours forecast period: 20:00 on February 19 ~ 20:00 on February 20 today night to tomorrow day, affected by strong cold air and south trough, overcast with light rain, southerly wind level 2, forest fire danger level 1.Urban area: 4 ~ 8 deg C Xiaolongtan: 4 ~ 10 DEG C Bege: 1 ~ 4 DEG C Dazhuang: 2 ~ 7 DEG C Yangjie: 3 ~ 8 DEG C Zhonghe Ying: 2 ~ 6 DEG C II. Forecast of future weather Trend 21 ~ 22, affected by cold air, overcast with light rain.On the 23rd, the cold air weakened, the cloudy turned sunny, and there was frost at high altitudes.24 ~ 25, under the influence of westerly airflow, sunny and cloudy.Xiaomei reminds you that the weather is changing fast, you must add clothes in time and pay attention to keep warm. Please praise and forward. Tell your relatives and friends what to keep warm and share with us in the comments area