Nets public opinion center!Mocked by Harden, questioned about Irving’s ability, and called Durant the no. 2 of the millennium

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The Brooklyn Nets, who have just four games left in the regular season and are fighting for the play-off spot, are 10th in the Eastern Conference with a 40-38 record, the same as the rival Hornets, but have fallen behind because of their small layup disadvantage.As it stands, the Nets are not only competitive on the court, but also at the center of the storm off the court.Harden, the former Nets player, has been ridiculed for some time for his first game with the 76ers since he left the Nets.With the 76ers officially locked up for a playoff spot, Harden finally returned the favor, using just one sentence to leave the Nets speechless.”Don’t talk to us until you’re in the playoffs,” Harden said when asked about some of his teammates mocking him, according to the source.The Sixers, who clinched the playoffs with the win over New Orleans, are fourth in the Eastern Conference with a 48-30 record.Apparently, Harden was finally able to hit back at all the taunts.If the Nets make the playoffs, both sides will have to wait. If they don’t, the Nets will be a joke in Harden’s eyes.Speaking on First Thing today, Fox Sports’ Nick Wright said Irving is a weak point for the Nets, a defensive hole, and taking shots away from Durant.Nick Wright is very bearish on the Nets, who he believes will most likely not make the playoffs this season. The Nets are in the midst of a playoff playoff playoff push that has been a two-game losing streak to Milwaukee and Atlanta.One game behind Atlanta for eighth place.Nick Wright thinks the Hawks are on a strong run, and the Nets will likely play the Hornets in the bottom half, with the winner playing either the Cavs or the Hawks.Nick Wright isn’t a big fan of the Nets, and he doesn’t think they’re a good matchup against the Cavs or hawks.Finally, Nick Wright said that even if the Nets finished eighth in the playoffs, they would not be able to compete against the Heat, the Heat would not be called a series, they would be swept out of the heat.As the Nets take charge of the star Durant, not only on the court can show a big brother demeanor, off the court also to “God”.And famous Nick Wright launched a “quarrel” war on the Internet, Du Xiaoshuai inch will fight, the slightest won’t let.Nick Wright said durant was the “number two” in the NBA. James is older now. When Durant just passed James, durant was passed by Antetokounmpo before he could stand his ground.From Nick Wright: “I really think Durant was second only to Lebron for the last 10 years, but at the moment he passed Lebron, antetokounmpo passed him.He was no. 2 in high school, no. 2 in the draft, no. 2 in the NBA.To which Durant responded directly: “Don’t feel bad for God. My life has been good, Nick.”Later, Nick Wright asked Durant if Durant is God, what is Giannis antetokounmpo?Du xiaoshuai is very witty reply, all god, and said that Nick has no education and quality.Starting with the big three, the Nets have had a rough two seasons, losing in the first round of the playoffs to injuries last season.This season is still struggling for the playoffs with kyrie Irving and James Harden, among others.And the trade for Simmons, so far has not played a game.According to sources, he will be sidelined until after the playoffs, even in the crucial playoff play-off games.If the Nets don’t make the playoffs this season, they’ll be a joke whether they traded harden in the first place or traded him away this season.For more highlights, follow the NBA Newsletter