Learn social language taboos and be a good talker

2022-05-19 0 By

These are mistakes that we all make all the time, and it would be a mistake to think that it doesn’t matter.Because the mixing speed of these shortcomings is not fast!They may call into question our intelligence and ability, and anyone who wants to succeed should keep away from them.1. Not paying attention to your tone of voice, often adopting an unhappy and antagonistic tone.2. Talking when you should be quiet.3. You interrupt.Overusing personal pronouns.5. Asking questions in an arrogant manner gives off a sense of entitlement.6. Insert embarrassing topics into the conversation.7. Blow your own horn.8. Disdain for social dress codes.9. Talking on the phone in an inappropriate place.10. Having boring conversations on the phone that no one wants to hear.11. Feel free to comment whether you know it or not.12. Openly doubt the reliability of other people’s opinions.13. Turning down requests in a rude manner.14. Making disparaging remarks about someone in front of their friends.15. Criticizing people who disagree with you.16. Accusing others of incompetence.17. Correct others in front of them.18. Inappropriate or offensive words.19. Say I don’t like you in person.Feeling: compare to the taboo of speaking above, reflect on yourself, really found that we need to pay attention to a lot of, I hope that by staying away from these “evil small”, as soon as possible to become more talkative, more popular people.