A shaved head?Big S cut off all the long hair, mother-in-law Zhang LAN to retain

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A haircut?Big S cut off long hair all, mother-in-law Zhang LAN tries to retain.Hsu has been the target of criticism since her divorce from Wang was officially announced, as her controversial comments and her choice to live in Taiwan since her marriage to Wang, who lives in Beijing, have clouded her position.After their divorce, Wang Xiaofei was frequently exposed by the media. Many photos and videos even made Wang Xiaofei irrefutable, and he also became the real fault party of this marriage.Although Wang xiaofei’s side has no longer made any explanation for the incident, but the recent big S cut off her long hair for many years, as if to welcome a fresh start, and her two daughters are staying by her side.In fact, in the big S and Wang Xiaofei two people’s marriage, mother-in-law Zhang LAN is not very satisfied with the big S daughter-in-law, but after divorce Zhang LAN frequently stood out to call big S can remarry with his son, and even made clear that he missed two grandchildren.Especially after the scandal between Zhang Yingying and Wang Xiaofei was exposed, Zhang LAN came out and made it clear that her son could not have anything to do with the Internet celebrity. Both in and out of words, zhang Yingying was disliked.Different from the intimacy in the photos before, It seems that Zhang LAN does not want Zhang Yingying to marry into her family, and Da S becomes the object she needs to woo.However, no matter what choice Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying two people make, big S did not make any response, but with the way to cut off his hair said his resistance to remarriage this thing.Many netizens think big s and wang two humanism is not appropriate, one accustomed to depend on others, and the other a character is very refuse, filed for divorce in the moment of big s should have known all of the things, after the divorce didn’t say wang is just want to give our two children leave a little face, such personality impossible and wang to come together again.Some netizens also think that wang xiaofei and Hsu have two children after all, and hsu is also responsible for the divorce, so the possibility of remarriage is great.Do you think big S will remarry Wang xiaofei?