South Korean media actually said our national football team has fallen into hell?Young players need to get good exercise

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Would you like to receive this kind of sports news and commentary every day?Please click “Follow” in the upper right corner of this article and thank you for your support.China lost 3-1 to Vietnam in the round of 12 on the first day of the lunar New Year.The match also brought criticism from the media and fans.So is the current strength of Chinese football really very weak?After the match between China national Football Team and Vietnam, foreign media also made some comments on Chinese football.South Korean media “Naver” commented that the Chinese men’s football team has fallen into hell.Why can’t The Chinese men’s football team beat Vietnam?Looking at the whole match, Vietnam men’s football players are not as physical as us.But they did a much better job of teamwork than we did.We didn’t have a strong attacking team and even if there were players who could get hold of the ball, it was more about individual penetration, going straight to the ball and not being able to work together.Our players are as good as our opponents.In this situation, the team work of the opposition is obviously much better than ours.China lost to Vietnam on the first day of the Chinese New Year, its first loss in 11 official matches against Vietnam.This is really worth reflecting on the Chinese men’s football team.We are not lost to others, but themselves.Most importantly, we were terrible at teamwork.Players may be slightly better than opponents in terms of individual penetration, but clearly far worse in terms of teamwork.And in terms of speed with the ball and positional sprints, we found that we were obviously not as strong as our opponents.This may be due to the fact that the opponent’s team works well together, so there is not a lot of physical expenditure.They also make full use of tactical advantages, while The Chinese men’s football team is more of a lack of tactical excellence.In other words, our team didn’t work well together.That makes us use more energy.And it’s true that our physical fitness is not ideal.We not only lack the platform of high competitive level to exercise, but also lack the training of team cooperation.So is there really no hope for Chinese men’s football?In fact, before the Spring Festival, the U23 men’s football team led by Jankovic adopted the training mode of high-intensity and high-competitive state in hainan.Including team warm-up games and training of basic skills.And our young players are not weak.In the last decade, Chinese football, especially in men’s football, has made great efforts to develop its training system, which has led to the emergence of many outstanding young players in China.How can these outstanding young players successfully transition to the national team and play for the National team?That’s the key.Guo Tianyu we jankovic led the U23 men’s football side actually has a lot of good young players.It also includes a lot of young players who have been selected for the national team and have been in the training squad before the seventh-round match against Japan in the round of 12 and even those who have been in the pre-2020 qualifying squad, as well as the young players of this age group.This group of players is not weak.Such as at the beginning of 2020 the preliminaries, our U23 national soccer team was then with the gap of a tournament champions South Korea has only one goal, it is still in yuning zhang has been playing in the first half and seriously behind for all of the game, and guo tian was out of the preliminaries and Liu Re vanadium body injury, and so on and so forth.And now there are more and more outstanding young players in China, which is also the result of the construction of the youth training system.Our youth system has produced a lot of good young players, and the number and quality of young players is much better than before.But how to improve the strength of these young players to the national team level and gradually through intensive training, so as to help the national team level to achieve good results, this is the key.On the one hand, what we need is for these young players to develop abroad, such as the current Mesozoic players Wu lei and Li Lei and Liu Yang and the young player Guo Tianyu to play in the Portuguese Premier League.This is just one aspect, another aspect, Chinese football can form a group of predominantly young player lineup, from the long-term perspective to consider, to make it more than a group of young players to participate in some degree of athletic stronger international competitions or with some Asian teams or warm-up match the rest of the world’s top teams, to enhance strength?Yuning zhang in 12 strong struggle in the seventh round of li and guo tian to burst into the Chinese football at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar race, we launched two before kick-off in 40 strong field and Philippine team warm-up and tajikistan team to enhance our international integration, thus to living in the preliminaries can obtain a so-called “sign on”.Then if Chinese men’s football team really wants to improve its strength, it should not think about short-term benefits, but should take a long-term view.Don’t worry about international points and let our players play against some of the best international teams.Don’t be afraid of losing, but should exercise our football level as a starting point, to play more with the strong team to improve strength.For example, our young players can play with more Asian teams. No matter li Xiaopeng or Jankovic, we can set up a young team to have warm-up matches with some Central Asian teams or teams ranked below 100.Even our national football team can organize several teams and then play warm-up matches with some Asian teams or some of the world’s top teams to improve their strength.Only by improving the players’ competitive platform, practicing in a higher level platform and playing with strong teams can we improve our strength.At the same time, our players should participate in competitions as a group to improve teamwork ability.Our national football team in the match with Vietnam team showed the characteristics of teamwork is not in place.This requires our national football players to change their mindset.On the one hand, it is necessary to participate in more matches as a team to improve the teamwork ability of the players.On the other hand, we should enhance the sense of mission and responsibility of our national team, and let the players play more matches with other countries in a collective way, which can also better improve the sense of mission of Chinese team.In fact, Chinese men’s football team has many excellent players in terms of young players.And there is not much of a gap between our young players and those of the right age from the top Asian teams.Only let these young players to exercise in the higher levels of the platform, including overseas study, in the form of the whole team with more teams play, only let this group of players will be able to really improve strength, put team first, enhance national sense of honor and sense of mission, Chinese football can real take-off.What do you think of China’s 3-1 defeat to Vietnam?In addition to Guo Tianyu and Liu Ruovanv, who do you think are our young players?Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.# China #